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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mutants of Marnharnna Pt. 04-

Raylyss' Player wasn't present.

Three of the Garrison Xel (>I [am a] Powerfully Subtle Spirit<, an intra-Aberrant word for their kind):

The female leader with a great suite of Powers, her brother with a similar or complimentary set (including 2d8 Natural Weaponry [Martial Arts]), and her bodyguard, an 8'6" Yaesh-Yirinn with claws worth 1d4 [Edged][Piercing] (originally would have been 2d6 [Blunt], but powered-down as the Damage Types were switched and added)

Were waiting for the PCs at their tree-fort, and had a long exchange of, 'This is our place, why are you here?'; 'I'm the leader of our population in the Garrison, of which you are still part. I amn merely here to inform you on news, and to receive info.'; 'Hmm. Still, it's rude.; --; 'OK, this is what happened...'; 'Hmm. We lost track of you after the eggs in the trunk.; 'Oh?'; --; ---; 'Things are changing, and we need to help our people survive the Vrun war-force.'; > nodding <; when:

The Nomad-Shre the PCs had originally been charged with contacting (and were the constituents of the avoided encounter back in Pt. 01) appeared, stepping out of the trees by which they are able to travel great distances in but one step, and received the three messages. An aberrant ate all three and then Conjured a Fabrication which consisted of the deciphered message (clearly an unknown Aberration/Power).
--The girls are recognised as important to the whole deal, and the few Lizardy members of the 36 Nomads carried the trunk away, along with the girls and her dog (who communicated with the female leader).

The MDA Marshals, tracking Osyl by the technomantic revolver. and via the Kherstic weave of the fake diamond she Fabricated (until it disintegrated), and arrived at the same Vae Portal and proceeded to track the cart. They were intercepted, but said they simply wanted to speak. Things got weird, and there was a fight between NPCs and the bodyguard nearly died, but the leader was able to heal him via her Inspire suite and donated DP from her brother, and a crushed animal with Silt blood as a 'sacrifice'.
--The Marshals handed over their firearms, and explained that the MDA had arranged for the Xel to travel by covered wagons to the far side of the border with the Black Crown, while the Humanoids were advised to take to their preferred rough terrain (hills and worse) to the West if they are to have any chance of surviving the hundreds or few thousand Vrun troopers already under-way.
---They were asked about their generous offer considering other Vrun's attitudes to Dokirin, Humanoids, and Shre. The Marshals explained that they represent a group that have greater vision regarding Urutsk' future, and left the rest rather vague.

The PCs, the leader's brother, and the Nomads instead head SW, with the PCs and bro planning on pursuing Qaj'wl, who is thought to be summoning a force from the Shadow Plane to exact his revenge upon the Party and Loq, the Abbekqorru Sgt, now acting as the Humanoid's relocation-leader.