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Tuesday, August 23, 2022


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Auldgoryan Witchcraft-

The various types of magic found on the Auldgory continent operate apart from each other, based upon their ideological/philosophical underpinnings.

The magic of Witchcraft on Auldgory is based around the concepts of Sympathetic Cause and Effect, where the caster desires a particular effect, and uses a focus which addresses the topic, and then performs actions which seek to join/divide, increase/decrease, create/destroy, etc.

The mindset of Auldgoryan Witchcraft is that the cosmos is ordered by these cause and effect balancing factors, that the forces which are beyond our sight are those also found within us and animals, plants, etc.  A chain of being in which the caster, the Witch, is on but one rung of the great ladder, and it is this interconnectedness which allows for the wise individual to effect change in things at various levels equal, below, and above.

When these concepts and practises are joined with the knowledge of the natural world as it exists in the current age, the Witch can brew potions which are capable of anything they have learned to affect, the Witch can also stir the medium in which all things exist and operate and in so doing, move much larger numbers of creatures/persons than could be affected by a potion, as well as change the weather of a given area.  In total, the Witch, alone, is capable of anything given enough time, resources, and experimentation.  Witchcraft is partly Alchemy, Astrology, Charming, Enchantment, Naming, Scrying, etc.  With such a diverse portfolio of capabilities, the Witch, even if they specialise, will never reach the same depth of knowledge and power as a practitioner of any single one of the fields, but is so much more potent by virtue of the variety of effects and diversity of capabilities.  The Witch can, with a twig, stir pond water into a scrying mirror, with a chant, can call forth rain and lightning or disrupt a forming storm, and with an herb-stuffed doll, stimulate nightmares of the already present concerns the target possesses.

Presenting this in the ARGUS system requires a decision to apply certain Ability Scores which will represent the Witch's particular concentrations, and then to further hone their specialisms within those.  Also necessary is the player's commitment to the philosophical grounding in the naturalistic focus of Witchcraft so that the practitioner-character does not begin to veer off into less essential pursuits and therefore lose the flavour of the Craft.


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