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Sunday, April 26, 2009

[RPG] Critter (Limited OGC)-

(c) Copyright 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis

The statistics block is designated Open Gaming Content under the terms of the Open Gaming License version 1.0a.

Qetswn ('Exceedingly Subtle, FAST, Wise Spirit')-
Fight Dice: 1+2 to 8+16 depending on age
Resolve: (+8 + FD)
Defence/Armour: variable: (+12 + FD +1d6/1d6EM)
AB: (+1 + FD)
# Attacks: 2 By Weapon Type/Claw-Claw-Bite/Bite
Damage: Light-weapons/1d4 + .5 FD/1d6 + .5 FD
Move: 40 x FD' LoS Phase Travel, at will
Organisation: Family (2 adults, 1d4 kits)
CT: (+5 + .5 FD)
Loot: +67% Types IV-I
XP: (75 - 1,875 Base) + (42 x FD)
These sleekly-angled, long and lean creatures are capable of both upright and quadrapedal locomotion, and have three-fingered hands with opposable thumbs and padded palms and digits that terminate in claws of iron. The Qetswn are rather adept with their natural weaponry which extends to their toothy bite, but prefer the Shizar (thrusting Rapier) or the Brumshal (Cutlass). Clothing tends to be loose and easily shed, and often includes a long coat and a broad-brimmed hat with a rust-coloured feather tucked in its band.
Qetswn are vulpine (fox-like) in appearance and behaviour and rarely settle down in an area if it is heavily populated, although they will gladly traverse a metropolis in search of their victims. Their usual tactic is to disguise themselves with their coat and hat and operate near taverns and docks, as well as other areas frequented by prostitutes. Depending on the 'clientèle' either a female or male Qetswn will move forward toward the client, while the mate will co-ordinate and attack as soon as the trap is sprung.
Victims are then raced off to a feeding ground, where the parents ingest the food for transport and delivery to the kit(s). It is through this contact and systemic familiarity with the victim that the Qetswn's remarkable Humanesque ability gains a broader pallet, for it is the way they are able to assume a generic human-like appearance, in face and full body. Feeding humans to their young, early, provides a great aid in their survival and propagation. It lasts for (24/FD -- meaning it is easier for a younger Qetswn to maintain their human form than it is for an older creature) hours before another human must be eaten to re-activate the extremely taxing ability.
Qetswn are only injured by High Energetic or Magicked weapons.