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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mutants of Marnharnna Pt. 05-

The game on the 13th:

The party, having said their fare-thee-wells to the others, were then involved in the nomads' 'Feast of the Five Animals'. This involved the Four Primary Elements (and their related sub-ele's) each securing an eating creature associated with their Element (land creature, air creature, etc.).

Phlavius of Fire, had a mystical experience with a horrifying Fire Witch in preparation for his scouting out the Shadow Plane, and Zalder mistook the Yellow Ghoul's ecstatic writhing in the flames (no lasting damage, but creating a 09 DP Fire-pool which Phlavius can draw upon for all DP purposes, including soaking damage, and powering his Aberrations, etc.) as something non-plus, and attempted to rouse him with a log to the head -- repeatedly (after Zalder suffering a boatload of DP from shaking/slapping the Yellow Ghoul). Heh.

Raylyss of Silt hung out with a more Cayman-looking nomad and showed him the rubbings from a series of concentric stone circles (a calendrical device they've yet to decipher, found at the homestead from whence the girls were absconded), but had a bit of a linguistic/paradigmatic issue explaining what it was the other was looking at ('this is a scent marker for the eyes?').
--Raylyss also had a bit of a vision-quest, confirming the location to which he is to bring the eggs in the trunk (if not also the girls), and that being very near Kelzsyn's Bluff (and in the opposite direction from the Lair). Images seen from MM's other character, Darius (of Earth)'s experience at the decrepit Lizard Temple lined-up with that character also having found a stone calendar which indicated that the Pearl ('The Pearl! The Pearl!') of Ashta Shomel was somehow connected with the Lizardfolk's destiny.
---Wheels within wheels, indeed.

Zalder of Air helped (read as: was bait for) his Blood-tribe's hunting of a large reptilavian, which was their contribution to the Feast. After which he was presented with a large crystalline structure which had grown on the creature's sternum, and which housed the creature's Elemental Blood concentrations and allowed Zalder to hover and fly (in conjunction with his glider membrane).
--He, too, sought out the Air Shaman, and met the Moonfaery Sisters (co-regents of Air), one of whom is kindly, while her sister is snide and mocking (I played this up to the mild annoyance of my Sweetie), who suggested hat Zalder have a vest fashioned with pockets/pouches wherein the cut crystals could be more evenly distributed, without interfering with the membrane.

Osyl of Frost (the merchant who inadvertantly joined the party after having been pulled through the Vae Portal) had assisted in bringing down the reptilavian with a shot from her revolver, and then secluded herself from the baser Xel/Shre and examined the short sword she had been gifted by the Vae who had cavorted around her in her days of illness before the Portal, only to receive a vision of Lady Arctise [Frost] as they both stood outside a city in The Black Crown. The exchange was very cryptic, as if an interrupted dream.

In the morning, a grey cloud overhung the group as they set out for the homestead.
A barrel of hootch was Fabricated and Osyl rode into the homestead, now serving as a camp for Vrun militiamen on the march north, and attempted to get them happily drunk while avoiding not only rape, but discovery of her prehensile tail. Fortunately, the commander took her under his aegis and she was allowed to sleep in the house (alone), while the reptile-duo (and the Cayman's scale-dog) infiltrated the barn and began to retrieve the stone calendar, and also encountered the ghost of the girls father.

We held it thereabouts.

There was no game on the 20th.