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Monday, July 4, 2011

DnD Hit Points as Consciousness, Pt. 4: The Field Adept, Continued-

Field Adept continued


02nd -- Cantrip/Orison Charm Creation

Charm Creation: The requisites for the creation of a Charm Item are, firstly, knowledge of the spell with which it is to be imbued. Secondly, 60 gp. of supplies per Effect (Spell) Level. And lastly, the day's complete infusion of the Caster's full HP total as a one-time process.
* This creates an item that draws upon C-Field use from the sentient user, so long as they currently possess at least 0 HP, and are Living as opposed to Undead. Inanimate objects, however clever, cannot tap the full potential of the C-Field, and the Undead are operating upon a different (, usually, Negative,) Energy spectrum. The object requires that a number of Temporary HP be drawn from the user of the charm. If the THP are available, the Charm activates. If the Spell which best describes the Charm's effect requires Caster specifics (volume, height, area, etc.), those are determined by the Charm's user, upto and including the maxima for the Effect Level.
:: Cantrip/Orison Charms cost only 01 THP of the user

9th : 36 THP
8th : 32
7th : 28
6th : 24
5th : 20
4th : 16
3rd : 12
2nd : 08
1st : 04 THP

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