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Thursday, April 22, 2010

[Playtest Campaign] Yes, we have no bananas (&) [Another Update]-

It appears that there will be no game tomorrow.
--Finals and such for players.

While I have been quiet for a few weeks, I have read a few of the many blogs I am sub'd to, and I'm generally aware of the goings-on of Bloglandia.
--I am simply too busy writing to do much of anything else.

I dreamt of charts & tables last night, and so I have busied myself with things to aid both Player and Referee in running characters: motivations, personality, names, etc.
--Each Ethnicity Module will receive a good amount of detail, and each of them is structured differently to provide a different play-experience. This became necessary once I looked at the configurations of the tables and saw more than slightly incongruous possibilities despite tortured modifiers and different die-roll-ranges.

I hope to have .pdfs for sale of the Vrun and Dokirin Character, as well as the Combat Modules before the end of May, adding another two or three Modules each month until the entirety of the Players' Manual is compiled, roughly August/September.
--At that point, the Referee's Manual should be under-way in earnest (including articles/essays written by others). I am still envisaging the third book, but I think it will combine Critters and Loot with a few other bits that seem appropriate.

My various 'out-of-town' playtest groups will receive these files prior to their 'going live', as it were.

Hang in there, folks. :)