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Thursday, March 26, 2009

[General] (25 words or less)-

Monsters & Manuals, one of the blogs I follow, has an impromptu contest to describe one's campaign setting in 25 words or less:

Multiple catastrophes temper survivors into flinty men and women who distrust others, and struggle to survive ancient horrors, faltering reality and decaying time, with glory.

[RPG] Talents (OGL)-

Inspired by The Society of Torch, Pole and Rope articles.

This post of Talents is designated Open Gaming Content under the Open Gaming License version 1.0a.

Character Talents-

Determine at Character Generation:
* Choose One Table to roll upon (or choose an ability with the Referee's permission), and the second Talent Table is randomly determined. Roll (or choose) within each table.
Each provides a single +1 to all Tests or Saves or other rolls, as the Referee deems appropriate.

Random Table Determination-
01 - Ability
02-17 - Friend
18-25 - Knack
26-33 - Friend
34-50 - Knack
51-67 - Friend
68-90 - Knack
91-99 - Friend
00 - Ability


The Ability benefited by this result adds in the +1 for any pertinent rolls, such as Tests, Critical Tests, and things such as forcing open a stuck door, etc.

01 - Choice of 1
02-17 - Feats of Strength (Str)
18-33 - Nimbleness (Dex)
34-50 - Survival (Con)
51-66 - Knowledge (Int)
67-83 - Sagacity (Wis)
84-99 - Presence (Cha)
00 - Choice of 1


Friends with... provides not only better relations with said creature (etc.), but also connotes knowledge of, uses for, and all manner of traits which are native to the creature in question.
Thus, a Friend of Muses PC can attempt to receive a +1 on Spur of the Moment or other Inspirational, Do-or-Die, etc. rolls. Likewise, Friend of Dogs would confer knowledge of bare survival, street fighting or brawling, limited tracking, etc. All at the Referee's approval.

The table was previously unusable due to a faulty math-chip. This is the revised table.

01-06 - Friends with Muses (+ Lightning)
07-12 - Friends with Fey (Aether)
13-18 - Friends with Cats (Shadow)
19-25 - Friends with Birds (Air)
26-31 - Friends with Reptiles (Smoke)
32-37 - Friends with Bears (Frost)
38-44 - Friends with Fish (Water)
45-50 - Friends with Machines (Steam)
51-57 - Friends with Vermin (Fire)
58-63 - Friends with Mythics (Glass)
64-69 - Friends with Amphibians (Silt)
70-76 - Friends with Dogs (Earth)
77-82 - Friends with Snakes (Dust)
83-88 - Friends with Insects (Radiance)
89-94 - Friends with Sharks (Void)
95-00 - Friends with Undead (- Lightning)


Knacks, like Friend, above, confers a +1 on all actions subsumed under the heading, as governed by the Referee.

* Cantrip, and Orison allow for a single 0-Level Spell useable at will; only affects one creature or object, once per effect. Choice by Referee's permission.
* Native indicates all things subsumed under living in a given sort of environment (Urban, Suburban, Rural, Wilderness), including all area-specific survival skills/behaviours.
* Profession includes Ganger, Sycophant, Barrister, Soldier, etc., which provide specific knowledges as well as general craft of the specific trade in question (for instance, Soldier may provide a +1 to any one of the following: Hit, Damage, or Defence, as well as other particulars as the Referee rules).

01 - Cantrip
02-17 - Athlete
18-25 - Carouser
26-33 - Crafter
34-50 - Native
51-67 - Crafter
68-75 - Diplomat
76-90 - Profession
91-99 - Healer
00 - Orison

All of the above Talents may, with the Referee's permission, be enhanced by either general Focus, or Dedicated Focus points, up to and including as the Referee determines.