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Sunday, September 13, 2009

[Gaming] PBAM...-

My father's death and the two months prior to it, have worn me down a good deal, and I am finding it difficult to resume a normal sleep-cycle, and also feeling a tad bit ill (coldish).
--As such, my ability to focus on the re-arrangement of the Players' Manual is virtually nil at present.

However, I have been reading several other games, far outside of the mainstream, let alone the 'Renaissance', and I have even found time to play one brief starship combat boardgame, which was a lot of fun even despite my having lost.

Yet, I have found it necessary to tinker with game design nonetheless, and am working on a mini-game (not a micro-), the acronymic title of which is PBAM. I will keep this secret until the iteration 1 reveal is ripe.
--It is similar-enough that clever gamers could incorporate or borrow aspects of it, or even integrate it whole cloth with other well-known/-loved games of OSers, although the setting and subject matter is distinctly modern and somewhat foreign, as in OAV-inspired. ;)

This little project is likely to be about 16-24 pages in length, and I hope to distribute it through my LuLu storefront, and possibly Indie Press Revolution or other pdferies for kleingeld, as it were.
--It utilises the standard set of polyhedral dice, but operates more along a Pool mechanic than a d20 or d%-based system.

Okay, I'm off for a nap.