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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Catching Up on Saturdays

Catching Up...


Nov. 08th). Waking up in the chromed DHL van alien spaceship with psychic interface, the PCs quickly dispatch an Undead Abberation Cyborg and regain control of their ship.  They see that robots are dismantling other ships in a larger hangar and they fight a power suppression effect to get off the ground and are successful.  Mayhem and dstruction results in the undoing of the ceiling of the hangar anf the collapse of the upper tower's ground floor.  Among those falling to crtain doom is the new PC, Richard, a single-classed Fighter from a typical Fantasy world, providing body guarding to a winged serpent who paid him in meat.  Richard's sword allows him to Teleport short distances based upon his current (HP) total, and he is also Telepathic modelled after the Awakened Mind of the GOO Warlock pact feature.  Caught in the cargo-bay ramp of a teal Shark-shaped ship piloted by another new PC (a Dragonborn), Richard was saved.  Warren, the Gnome with the horseshoe ship was in communication with a small fleet of ships who had reprsentatives of their crew captured in the twin tower graveyard facility.  With Warren's presence, they aliens decided to attack the facility and contributed to the place's destruction in a hail of energy beams and missile attacks.  The DHL and Shark-shaped ship escape and dock with the horseshoe.  A Shadow Gate was used to enter Elementral Shadow and the group Long-Rested there while a few PCs upped their powers and connection to Lord Shadow.

Nov. 15th). Dragonspace is full of life forms which resemble sea life, including coral, medusa, and algae or bacterial clouds.  Flying through this portion of the Realm brings the ship in contact with increasingly more complex reptiloid forms, as if a lifecycle were represented, culminating in more and more draconic forms.  Eventually the Party's sensors detect pulses of light and increases in heat and turbulence ahead.  As the waves wash over the ship, it is postulated that there may be an audio component to the waves: struth: 'Welcome, interlopers.  It has been so long since last I took humanoid form.  Please meet me for tea at ___ location.'  The PCs agree this is likely a dragon, and decide instead to turn around rather than press on to the Space Gate located further.  Not given the opportunity, dragonoids (including egg-shaped craft) attack.  They destroy them, and then the red dragon attacks, nearly destroying them, but lets them live with a broken gnome ship.  This is makeshift-repaired and then repaired at a trading post.

Nov. 22nd). Red light district action in the previous adventure and this one leads to a map and a mission to deal with mineral rights in an 'asteroid' cluster owned by various dragon interests and occupied in part by stone giants.  This leads to a deal with the giants in exchange for formal relations with the black dragon syndicate in question.  The ore the patron wanted is delivered and the map is handed over.  The shadow paladin has now added 1 level of warlock (Lord Shadow), and the group plans to enter the dragonbone highway.

Nov. 29th). With new allies who own a Jammer Helm, the group pools its funds and buys a ship to place it in.  This one is large enough to house all the smaller ships and dock with the gnome ship.  These ships augment spells cast through them by multiplying range by 3.  Anyone can Pilot, but it is best if Cha, Wis, and Int are high.  They set aout and enter the cavernous highway.  First encounter is an Aboleth.  They next stop in a giant slug market, and pick up a few paying passengers, and an alien regeneration specialist healer with a starfish head who eats the diseased tissue and plants regeneration spores in the patient.  One of the new PCs is a K'en Unai (Jedi/Sith class someone wrote up for 5e) and he travels with a Tiefling Warlock (Tome) of Mr. Dust.  They find, another Force Sensitive, an Eladrin female in a red bodysuit with a pair of triangular laserblades.

Dec. 06th). The gang presses on and encounters a fight between a Colossal Xorn and Behir, shaking up the cavern something fierce, and the resultant roof collapse tears the fabric of the distance-compressing whatsit effect of the dragonbone highway, sucking the crew into the Hereafter.  Fighting humanoid animals trying to build a sphere of all 16 elements who were too paranoid about their snooping was a thrilling session, and the big ship flying in despite its damages scared the furries off.