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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

[RPG] Creatures 2 (Limited OGC)-

(c) Copyright 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis

I have updated the XP values of the first Creatures post.

Here is my latest batch, expanded/updated.

Only the text marked within the ]OGC[ header and footer is Open Gaming Content, as governed by the Open Gaming License version 1.0a. The names and descriptive text are reserved as Product Identity.

Ourden (Tangle-Lurks, Bush-Hounds)-
Fight Dice: 3*
Resolve: +14
Defence/Armour: +1/1d4
AB: +2
# Attacks: 2 Claws/Entangle/1 Rake
Damage: 1d4+1/1d4+1/Str @ 14/4d4+4
Move: 30'
Organisation: 1d8 per Zone
CT: +7
Loot: None
XP: 175
These quadrupedal plants are best likened to Sundews, and use the sticky glands that cover their body to ensnare their prey, while their dagger-like 'paws' are used to defend themselves as well as take some of the fight out of the creatures they have engaged.
Thought to have been created in the distant past to act as estate guards by the Ancients, these creatures are rarely encountered outside of ruin-grounds and still intact complexes and other sites of that long ago time.
Non-human, bipedal creatures are the first targets chosen by these guardians, then dangerous quadrupeds and other more truly alien creatures, and lastly humans -- if given a variety of interlopers to engage. This tactic appears to operate on a territorial level, and is never applied to others of its kind.

Qobryn (The Yellow-Ones, Blademasters)-
Fight Dice: 1+3
Resolve: +1
/+8 if Young are harmed or family killed
Defence/Armour: +4/1d4
AB: +2
# Attacks: 2 Hand/2 By Weapon/Bash*
Damage: 1d4/1d4/1d8
Move: Walk 25' Run 50'
Organisation: Clans of 50, 25% Young; Females 75% chance as listed
CT: +1/+5 if Young are harmed or held hostage/+10 if family killed
Loot: Aver. civilised gear, above-average/Fine blades, Good shields
XP: 70
The Qobryn <'Unwise' in Vrun> are a very Patriarchal culture of shorter, near-humans (Humanoid) which breeds two sorts of females: Domestics and Workers, and practises intraclan breeding. Workers may join the fighting without question or notice of difference within the warbands. Domestics usually only join the fighting after a child or children have died. However, even in these cases, captive males are often presented with breeding with their females (which foes produce viable offspring) to invigorate the clan-blood, or death. Generally this is only open to especially difficult foes, but in many smaller clans, any male captive will do. Many are 'studded-out' to cousin-clans, or presented as gifts to more powerful warlords along with daughters and wives.
The Qobryn are expert if utilitarian bladesmiths and possess a secret alloy and firing technique that produces an orange 'steel' Nqarii <'Aetheric'> which ignores an Armour die equal to or lower than it (a d8 blade, such as the Qobryn employ, ignores 1d8 through 1d4 Armour, whereas a d4 dagger would only ignore 1d4 or less Armour).
As outlined in the Characteristics, the clan is the essential life of the Qobryn, and one might better regard it as a poly-intelligent organism. Losses are so profoundly felt by the survivors, that the protection of the clan can easily lead to avenging the clan. The eldest patriarch serves as spiritual leader, but they are almost invariably Animists, along Taoist or Druidic lines of thought, but on an instinctive level. Moreover, all half-breeds scores are rounded in the favour of the father's traits, should a Qobryn character be desired and approved by the Referee. No other modifiers to scores, as the Qobryn are extremely Human-like (Demi-human).

Yrmohved* (Shadow Steeds)-
Fight Dice: 4+22 (*6)
Resolve: +5
Defence/Armour: +2/By Armour Type
AB: +4
# Attacks: 2 Hooves Front/By Weapon Front & Rear/2 Hooves Rear
Damage: Hoof 1d8 each/By Weapon/2-Hoof Kick 2d10
Move: Walk 40' Run 160'
Organisation: 1d4; Rarely (10%) with rider
CT: +3
Loot: Weapons, victim's possessions [33%](1d12x55)
XP: 1,525
A large headless quadruped with two pairs of arms, one set forward, one set rearward. It appears mammalian and vaguely equine in body, save the extra limbs and lack of head.
As disturbing as these features are, the Yrmohved is capable of leaving three-dimensional space, only appearing as a shadow. During this phase, it is immune to all mundane attempts to interact with it, including strong light. Beyond whatever senses this creatures possesses, it can 'see' perfectly in the dark, and is unhindered by the invisibility effect of creatures, persons, or objects. Sages are of many different minds as regards the awesome shadow-form ability, with most conjecturing that the creature is actually made of shadow-stuff. A counter hypothesis is that instead of being a flat and lesser sort of life, the Yrmohved is rather in the Empyrean, and only its shadow can be witnessed by mortal eyes. Regardless, while in this phase, the Yrmohved is also incapable of interacting with the mundane realm.
The Yrmohved exhibit at least average-Human intelligence, but their motives as well as most other aspects of these terrifying creatures, are entirely unknown. Very rarely will one be seen with a humanoid rider, and this is almost invariably female.