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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bad Vibes on the Bayou #2 (cross-post)-


Urutsk: Bad vibes on the bayou #2

Following Bad vibes on the bayou, here are Stephen Laidlaw's GM notes:

By the session the players had figured out which system we were using - TSR's Amazing Engine (which isn't really). I'd not used it in years but it wasn't too much bother.

During the game I relied upon encounter and reaction tables, but beforehand I had established what had happened to the characters before the first session. The characters had been fed certain images and memories which the players can either work with or ignore. They may prove to be important depending on the party's actions.

The session proved to be full of player paranoia as character secrets were not being shared, though the bouts of nausea telegraphed the fact that all the party were regaining memories.

Over the two sessions the players have missed out on finding/utilising equipment but as the game doesn't hinge on these items for completion I've no reason to drop hints to help them.

Generating the adventure as we game, reacting to the PCs actions but being aware of the actions/agendas of NPCs has made the sessions very interesting for me as I feel I'm exploring the setting with them. Some stuff I do just make up - the look of the Humanoids for instance, which usually leads to further questions to get my mind around.

The material Kyrinn has provided had been invaluable, as they contain the tools for hex-crawling as well as 'the big picture'. A working knowledge of the setting is enough to aid the GM in interpreting the rolled outcomes of the tables so as the game seems Urutskan rather than just generic play.

I have no game outcome in mind, no objective for the characters - but their actions or inaction will have consequences. Events will unfold and the players are aware that I'm rolling for the reactions/actions of others as things are happening in the wider world.

Thanks to Dave, Sean, Sue and Tony for their mad confidence in me.

Another atmospheric song used was 'In Dark Trees' :

Now we're off to watch Germany vs Spain down the pub.