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Saturday, April 4, 2009

[RPG] Stuff, and (OGC) Spells-

(c) Copyright 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis

The party has collectively reached over 10k XP (including the 3k they were built on), or '4th-Level', and have their Ability Tests and Critical Tests written in additive notation, rather than shifting Target Numbers.

Tybalt the fledgeling magicker is finally able to cast 2nd-Level spells.
His player and I have worked together on allowing him one-off makeshift variants on his known spells, and in the process we have developed, among others, the following:

These spells, in their current form, are Open Gaming Content, under the Open Gaming License 1.0a:
===[start OGC]===

* Buckler-
0th Arcane
(1 Recipent)
(+2 to Defence for 1 Round per Caster Level)
A minor-power Shield which has only one use before dispelling. Shield or a higher-level magic atop this cantrip supersedes the effect of the Buckler, but preserves the duration.

* Archeoscribe-
1st Arcane
(10x10'area per 2 Caster Levels)
Cleans the surface of cave walls, tombs, grave markers, mile posts, etc. and makes clear the surviving outlines of all characters and other language elements. These become visible to all for the duration, which is 1 + (1 per Caster Level) Rounds.

* Jaunt-
2nd Arcane
(1 Recipient)
(200' +20' per Caster-Level, in total traversing per casting)
One 5' move per Round, with an action.
Duration is until the final 5' hop is used or when the recipient dismisses the spell.

* Shield Maiden-
2nd Arcane
(1 Recipient)
This spell allows all of the benefits of the Shield spell to be bestowed upon another creature or person no larger than the size-category of the caster.
In all other regards, as the Shield spell.

===[end OGC]===

Maybe you'll find them useful.