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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

DCC/MCC AULDGORY: Easternmost Signal Fire


I think I may have been disinvited as DCC/MCC GM; no one showed, and the store guy seemed a little gleeful to inform me nothing was scheduled for tonight.

Its too bad.  I had just spent two days detailing the PCs' families, shared homeland, and developing background events.  The PCs were to report to Outpost; Firerook with their findings regarding the mass death at the Lybrti Garden.

Outpost: Firerook is the Easternmost Signal Fire, the network of which spreads across the Rockies-analogue.  It is located in Westera Tribal lands, Goat Hill Clan, which has just recently been nine-fold decimated in an attack the surviving leader blames on the Elder Warmage in charge of the outpost.

That surviving leader of Goat Hill Clan is the mother of the Merchant-Healer PC CBR.  She had given her son to be raised in the east to her lover, a foreign volunteer not seeking citizenship.  His father is a Durnsman, from that Hoary Stock of peoples from the First World Age, Lazman Hazeh.

On another side of the mountain, in Port Quema, the lush rainforest mountain backing the lagoon traps sea-mist along a mix of deciduous and coniferous trees and tall shrubs.  Quema is teeming with fish and crustaceans as well as unknown alien and mutant life thought delectable.

The HWO (Heavy Weapons Operator) has his origins here, and his mother still lives here operating as an assassin under cover as a fishwife and fry-cook.  She's supernaturally beautiful, luminous. and applies makeup to appear more plain and normal.  She can party like a god, and loves to do so, and was not a very present parent.  His father was a foreign sailor, who left the boy a carved sea serpent on a sharkskin leather thong.  Mom took him to the youth training centre, knelt, and told him in broken Starspeak, 

    "Remember son, to the sea always be true."

She then gave him the necklace and handed him over to the trainers.

On the third side of the mountain, nestled between sea-breeze and runoff-fed tributaries and forested dells, and the rain shadow of the mountain with three names, a herder and ranching people are the origins of the GRN PC.  His father was a Lt. in the First Western Cav (W^1st), lost in the Moorwraith Wars which don't receive much press back East.  Further, PC's brother, also a Cavalryman, was recently reported MIA in another Moorwraith conflict over Ancient Auldgoryan ruins.

The PC had a dream the night of the fight with the zombie-shepherd where they both had been transported bodily to some weird chaeotheric realm.  In the dream his brother was calling to him from a tower shrouded in mist.

Ah, well, just more fodder for the setting.