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Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 18th Game-

A lot happened in yesterday's/last night's session.

* Captain Qulak managed to convince the GYS forces in orbit around Cold Home not to strip the ships down. He also heard from his first officer of an alien weapons shipment, and ordered Kitsune's assistance in determining their worth. He then entered a Sla-Mu tea ceremony as the council awaited the arrival of the salvage ship that Jake recently joined up with. The occasion was the discussion about purchasing the plans to the Dark Drive they have devised.

* Osyl Molen, in the Vae Realm, is about to break a door that has been magically sealed for over 1k years.

* Kitsune met Princess Nyx, the Patron of Negative Lightning, and was commissioned to send more folks Nyx' way, as she is bored and lonely. To facilitate this, a cache of Thl Lower Planar energy weapons was offered. Kit was in the process of investigating when the merchant's craft was shorn in two by a beam originating from a planet-side defence site. She managed to MacGyver/bodge together a ejection system for Akheron and herself, and it worked. Medics on route were also fired upon, as was her fighter escort which was engaging the site. The area is over or near a lake roughly the size of Superior, and thin ice was involved.

* Tyb, investigating the odd goings-on in the miscibility of the Elemental Planes, heard of a site named, Red Feather Hill, not far out of Aqqomen, that seemed promising. His recent g/f blurted out that he was affiliated with the GYS, and a stranger at the bar departed soon after that; followed by Tyb. The confrontation demonstrated that the stranger was, in fact, a damaged android with partial programming. Tyb called in Ashta to assist with the Red Feather Hill investigation...

* Jake went in search of his new crew-mates (who had been summoned to the Electrum Arrow), but became entangled in the Tyb/Ashta thread.

* Ashta arrived to take the android and Tyb aboard the Pearl while they made their way to the hill. Along the way, Ashta told Pearl to repair 'Smith'. This proved ... complicated when the restored android shot her in the back.

* The android and its companions in possession of the near comatose Jake explain that they had been left on the planet to guard it and that since its star system fell into the pocket universe, 'Cold Home' has been experiencing increasing fluctuations in the core's magnetosphere. These fluctuations, in concert with the Elemental miscibility, threaten to destroy the planet. The android plan was to kill the pair in the hopes of having the duo's nexial energies removed from the equation. It is later explained that the destruction of Orcus' Plague Sword in Tyb's possession, and Ashta's Pearl, would suffice, possibly even flinging Cold Home back into Mundane Space. Tyb decided to stay behind and make certain the sword was destroyed, while Pearl sent Jake and Ashta to her Aetheric fortress prior to Pearl's destruction.

* As Ashta appeared in her rainbow-mirrored redoubt adrift in the eternal twilight of the Aetheric Plane, she heard sounds in the place, with the word, 'Mommy?' uttered by the daughter created in an alternate timeline about 9 months ago.

We held the session there.