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Thursday, December 31, 2009

[RPG] Armours of the Ancients: 02-

Armour of the Ancients-

KMerYulx ('Artifice - Standard Issue - Vest')
* Type: Battle Vest
* Class: Medium/+2/-
* Protection: 2d6x3 Torso (Abdomen [L5] and Chest [L6] only)
* Power: n/a
* Weight: 2 Lbs.
* Frequency: H

:: A bioglass/polycarbonate articulated shell, its main distinguishing factor is that of customisable/configurable integrated load-bearing 'webbing' (e.g., a place to put helicoils, combat blade, sidearm holster, hydration pack, etc.)
:: Cannot be worn over anything heavier than KMerM(A-Y)l (E-Sheath).

KMerAuhd ('Artifice - Standard Issue - Heavy Infantry')
* Type: Battlesuit
* Class: Heavy/+3/+4 v. Physical AoE CT (see)
* Protection: +3d6x3
* Power: 15/Hour + 45 Emergency
* Weight: 20 Lbs.
* Frequency: R

:: A metalloid-foam-enhanced bioglass/polycarbonate battlesuit capable of 10 weeks of sealed operation (submarine or vacuum) without maintenance or re-supply thanks to several mycelial and lichen cultures operating throughout the structure of the armour. These cultures not only process wastes (gaseous, liquid, and solid) but produce food and breathable air for the occupant, although air quality does begin to degrade toward the end of the tenth week, and the derived food leaves much to be desired by most palates' standards. Like the KMerSmou, myomer and mycelial systems produce electrochemical power available for internal systems as well as external gear demands.
:: In addition to the above features, suits of this sort have mounts for mission-specific ancillary systems, such as automated targeting acquisition units, EVA manoeuvring jets, or the far more frequent jumpjet packs. The wearer's functional strength is also increased by 20% (i.e., the wearer's Body score is increased by roughly +2).
:: These battlesuits were the pinnacle of 'hard-tech' personal military gear for over a century, although refinements and variants are found throughout that period, as well as ethnocentric design specifics that easily distinguish one example from another. Specifically, units of this sort found throughout Yaeshan almost invariably evoke mythic warrior and monstrous qualities, while those of polar climatic origin tend toward baroque elegance, incorporating Black Metal-suffused Auric ('Dark Gold') details.

KSvardXudem ('Artifice - Specialist - Armoured Power Frame')
* Type: Armoured Power Frame
* Class: Vehicular/+2/+2 v. Physical AoE CT (+)
* Protection: +4d6x5
* Power: 100/Hour (x5 if stationary)
* Speed: 30-35 MPH (290'/Round)
* Weight: 1500 Lbs.
* Frequency: Z

:: This is a vaguely humanoid vehicle with squat, heavy, near-pyramidal legs which, while articulable, are motivated primarily by knobby treads. Its arms are based upon hydro-pneumatic actuators enhanced with bundles of myomer fibres within laminated metalloid casing. The torso is the control servo and accommodates the operator in a seated position with the limbs operating the arm and leg actuators in real-time. These units are generally 'open-air' with clear polycarbonate screens, as the fumes of both fuels are toxic in high concentrations.
:: Powered by five dual-stage engines (the fifth articulates the torso servo) operating simultaneously off a form of Vetiver-like biodiesel, and vehicle-grade Polymethylhexanol pellets injected by a regulator system tied into the parallel exertion-ramp controllers of the actuators. This system determines whether the biodiesel vapour combustion will provide enough power to the actuators, or if the injection of a PMH pellet is necessary for additional stroke compression. The arm strength (each) is in excess of 1,000 Lbs. making melee strikes roughly x10 damage.
:: When found as an artefact in the field, it will be unpowered (both the biodiesel and PMH will have degenerated into respective sludges). However, restored units may be found in the possession of political entities ranging from metropolitan militias to national armies. Biodiesel will then be the primary fuel, with any intact PMH reserves kept for only the most important unit-operator ranks (generally elite heavy infantry, or mechanised cavalry). The Power value listed may be used to operate other devices/systems, such as search lights, radios, and weapons.