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Monday, August 25, 2014

Urutsk using D&D 5e: The Sunday Sessions-

Urutsk 5e-
:: Sunday Sessions

Using the print copy available on Lulu, but dialing back the crazy bonuses which were conceived of during the 3.x era, we made new PCs.

1). Yirinn-Mutant Fighter with Elemental Blood: Earth.  He has Dual Brain and Heightened Brain Function, so receives 3 mental saves taking the best of the three, cannot be lied to, and takes 1/3rd the time to figure out tech and that with a bonus.  He becomes the de facto 'traps guy' with his Yirinn suite of old school Dwarven senses.

2). Yaesh Monk with Elemental Blood: Shadow

3). Western Isles Vrun Wizard with Elemental Blood: Frost.  The only one with Darkvision: 30'

4). Vrun Cleric of Life with Elemental Blood: Silt

A few of them receive a Human Eugenics bonus of +1 or 2 to one stat.

Each of them had some Starship caste clan background as per that book.  I cannot remember what everyone had, but I know we have two Security, two Data Techs, two Life Support; Medical, Athletics & Recreation, and two Shuttle pilots amongst the group.  These are in addition to their 5e Backgrounds, as they don't provide any gear or 5e proficiencies, but do give % to scavenge food, or diagnose malfunctions, etc.  The Players don't seem to mind rolling d% instead of d20 for those odd bits, and frankly, I enjoy the mix of die types.

The PCs were at a travel lodge when a notice was posted regarding a new burial mound found out in the wetlands woods some distance from 'town.'  With the knowledge that through Starship caste or 5e Class, the PCs all had some connection, they set off.

Scout service indications led the group to a tree with an Ogham map to the mound.  The capstone entrance was heavy enough as to require group effort, but hey manged and entered the first chamber empty of anything.  Detecting faint sounds of clanking and irregular but mechanical 'swooshing', the party set off sown a 30' shaft which terminated in a sloping corridor.  This then ended in a 'trapped' door which they surmised would signal the occupants of the noisy room beyond of entry.

The monk burns 4 HP to generate 1d6 bonus to Stealth and opens the now rigged door and peeks in to find three Humanoids in a forge room.  The blacksmith is hairy and burly, the bellows operator is green and scaly (5' ish), and the overseer is Violet and scaly, wearing robes.  The room is illuminated from the floor in a tangerine light cast upon the walls, and the overall effects suggests that it is a heat source funnelled into the tech furnace.  The smith is using a Bright Metal hammer, but what he's working isn't determined.  The bellows operator is throwing his entire weight upon the lever, while the violet scaly overseer is looking on intently.

A plan is hatched to attack the overseer with Ice Spears erupting from the ground (Frost-based Magic Missile), and the Yirinn burns 4 Blood to trigger a DC 15 'grapple' at range with the SFX of the stone floor cracking and cratering under him.  Melee is launched and the overseer is killed through a combination of staff and bare-hand monk attacks.  The party waits to see the workers' reaction before renewing hostilities.

The store closes at 9; we hold it there for next week.