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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Podcast: Logs 3 & 4

 AnchorFM Podcast Link

This one is roughly twice as long as the others, at 9 minutes and change.

The party and witch allies move through the underground civilisation and encounter difficulties; a change of venue follows.

The weapons the Lt., Sgt., and Cpl. are using are magic items.  Where shots are indicated, they are detachable charges, some of the weapons are capable of hot-shotting their rounds by doubling or trebling the charges consumed.

The combat system results in wounds which tend to daze, stun, and KO, however the blood loss will often prove fatal to the injured; magic healing automatically staunches blood loss unless otherwise stated or the injury is intentionally counter-healing.  Outright death, however, is likely in the major hit locations.

Spell-like powers are common in the national service, part of the initiation and regimentation, but outside, magic is constructed and while taught in a formulaic fashion, is capable of being expanded, remixed, etc. by those with the skill and power.