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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

[X] Checklist of Frustrations and Erg-

Non-Gaming Related-

[X] Friday marked the 1-month period of Mourning
[X] Leaking Air Conditioning has flooded part of the living room
[X] Loss of DSL on Friday afternoon
[X] Frazzled nerves
[X] Mail Account still on Fritz


[X] Didn't run on Friday
[X] Continuing the PBAM Powers list definitions/write-ups
[X] Streamlining PBAM's dice-mechanism to roll fewer dice
[X] System-testing sessions
[X] Itching to see if the UWoM streamlining will accomplish what I want it to and what it suggests it will do 'on paper', as it were

Until the e-mail stuff is solved, please talk@me here.