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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Sunday Memories of Water, and, a Poem and Picture of Fire

One of those rare times I'm listening to something other than WitchHouse while writing.  This is a recurring Sunday memory of mine when my father used to play records on the old hi-fi media cabinet, and later, component system.  Serge Gainsbourg and Georges Moustaki.  This is my favourite Moustaki, as it is also one we listened to in Brazilian Portuguese, also a Sunday sound.

Les eaux de Mars
The Waters of March

Les eaux de Mars

Got some of my frustration off my chest airing it to my sister and brother in law about the change from car and work to hoofing it to bus and work while ill and not enough food and so forth.  Steps are being enacted to resolve those things which can be solved or ameliorated.  Feels better giving them voice.

I'm already writing the second book while wrapping up the first, revisiting parts from other characters PoVs and tying up loose ends.  The second book structure is proving fun with three mirrors.

The 4th floor is under construction at work, and it has a lot of spook-appeal.  Open spaces are no cakewalk in exploration and make each blind turn that much more unnerving than the slog of turn after turn.  Big dark empty spaces with eerie little lights can definitely conjure many unsettling thoughts.  Heheh!

The Centre of the World
(C) 2023 Kyrinn S. Eis

Here at the center, the center of the world:
Darkness oppresses, fumes choke and yet
its the pressure, the heat and fire of it all
which really gets one down, here in the center
of the world; I went where they sent me,
where you all can follow for all I care
this river of dirt and fire
at the bottom of the stair
Other centers die in gyre, do not hold
indeed cannot hold, and yet,
behold the dirt and fire
at the center of the world.

Happy Humpday