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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Google+ Weekly Campaign Update-

Short Form Updates-

* Continental Vrun Contingent Visit
:: Observing Xudorn for themselves, elements of the Vrun National Service, the Hierophantic Church, the Guild Council, and both the Monarchalist aristocracy as well as their foils, the Parlimentarian faction visited the tripartite colony. The two Black Crown destroyers anchored at the mount of Safety Bay, the Western Isles mercenaries, and rumours of Abbekqorru allies helped persuade the Continental Contingent to leave Xudorn to her own devices...for the time being. The Contingent then sailed further north up the coast, visiting other Vrun colonies. News that Ft. Greenpennant (home of the Green Cavaliers) had been bolstered to exceed Xudorn's population was also received.

* 'Skullcrusher Mountain' / Upthrust
:: The PCs have returned to the complex, studying the technology that empowered the Undead-creating attack upon the Wodic community, discovering that the Lower Planar radiation that remains in the 'reactor' level is still deadly enough to turn a living human into an Undead in a matter of weeks. Also, part of the sensor array of the gun system is receiving ultra-low frequency transmissions from various points on the globe, including Bereme Oykh/The Black Crown to the north.

* Dokirin Community living in the shadow of the Upthrust
:: Reports of a settled clan of Dokirin were confirmed when four PCs visited them, and are set to participate in a sacred dance. They are the Omu Aku Qelli Duuon >Flowing-Water, Plan, wisdom-Imparted, Settlement-on-Water< . Repairs to the clan's sole windmill (used to evenly water marsh-grain paddies), and exchanges of durable goods for grain have been ensured. Sub-Commander Ssu Rosenbrad became the clan's new Wise Woman at the death of the 250+ year-old man she had re-awakened from his visionary existence in Lord Worm's court (as both are Silt-blooded).

* Visit to Mostern Colony
:: Commander Roland Peltier, Sub-Commander Ssu Rosenbrad, and their trusty squad travelled overland to Mostern the 'City of Bricks'-to-be, and with Joe-the-Lawyer's LotFP Grindhouse Edition Specialist-character, Vesper, explored the vast fort colony. It is predicated upon the production of bricks, and has a 6:1 male to female ratio at present. Xudorn Cider (made from salt-marsh crab apples) was a bit hit, and 100 bottles were purchased. Another sale was of one of Xudorn's experimental (and portable) refrigeration units. This has occurred slightly ahead of the standard timeline, allowing for intervening events to transpire, as well as to permit Vesper to participate.