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Thursday, March 4, 2010

[RPG] Personal Development/Talent sub-Table-

Presented here is the first draft of the above mentioned sub-Table resulting from a rolled Aberration:

--Personal Development/Talent sub-Table-

16 - Magicker
15 - Animal Companion
14 - Quickness
13 - Heightened Agility
12 - Heightened Body
11 - Heightened Conviction
10 - Heightened Fighting
09 - Technologian
08 - Stealth
07 - Weapon Mastery
06 - Heightened Psionic Index
05 - Heightened Scope
04 - Heightened Senses
03 - Natural Weaponry
02 - Self-Mastery

Animal Companion-
This creature (presumably organic) is built upon a base of the same Ability Score Total as the character, arranged as the Player sees fit, subject to review by the Referee. It functions as an extension of the character, and gains one-half the AP the PC does (these AP are only available for use with the Animal Companion), but begins with 0 AP. The creature gains the benefits of 1d4+1 rolls on the Personal Development/Talent sub-Table before it d├ębuts with the PC. All subsequent Advancement comes from standard AP purchases or circumstantial changes in-play as the Referee determines.

Heightened Agility-
The Player rolls 2d6, and adds the higher of the two values directly to the character's AGL Score.

Heightened Body-
see Heightened Agility

Heightened Conviction-
see above

Heightened Fighting-
see above

Heightened Psionic Index-
see above

Heightened Scope-
see above

Heightened Senses-
+33% to the results of all Sense Tasks.

The character is capable of some magic, beginning with a bonus of 1 + (EXP) Caster Rank.

Natural Weaponry-
All of the character's Natural Attacks are increased by one Die-Type Step, and one additional of the increased die. Humans normally do only 1d4 damage with either a Punch or Kicks (etc.), but this character would instead roll 2d6 for such unarmed attacks. Creatures that are listed with different types and numbers of dice increase them by one Die-Type, and roll one additional of that higher die when calculating their damage.

The character adds +40' to their Base Speed (humans have a Base Speed of 40', making one iteration of this power a Base Speed of 80'). Additionally, the character gains a bonus of +5 to their Initiative, and a second action at the base (unmodified) roll of the Initiative die.

The character is in such mindful awareness of their actions, even under duress, that they receive the better of two rolls on all Tasks. Additionally, the Player may opt to bring this Self-Mastery to such a fine degree of application so as to Automatically Succeed at any single Task, and generate Maximum possible effect for that character, once per Day.

The character adds a bonus of +50% to the result of all Secret and Silence Tasks. Any further iteration of this Power results instead in one additional roll of Tasks attempts, taking the better/best result.

The character adds a bonus of +33% to all Tech-related Tasks (Referee's determination). Additionally, the character may invest personal DP to create 'gadgets' out of the barest of materials or substances, all at the Referee's discretion. The effect(s)/function(s) that these gadgets are capable of producing/performing should include those listed in Tables 1-6, but at a rate of DP equal to 10 times the Table number in question subtracted from 7. Thus, a Table 4 power would require a DP investment of 30 points (7 - 4 = 3, 3 * 10 = 30). The Referee is (as always) the final arbiter of these matters. Powers (other than Technologian, which should not be granted) on the Personal Development/Talent sub-Table cost only 05 each.

Weapon Mastery-
Regardless of the origin of this prowess, the character receives, at no AP cost, Proficiency in all Simple, Martial, and one Exotic Weapon of their choice. At the Referee's option, Armour Proficiencies, too, may be included, but at some degree of trade-off.

[RPG] Aberrations and Powers begun in earnest-

I'm currently working on the long-postponed Aberrations & Powers section of the rules, and I think readers familiar with 2nd Edition Villains & Vigilantes will find the format of the powers similarly open to expansion and user-definition (, and ability to compound).

In this setting, unlike Metamorphosis Alpha or Gamma World, possessing obvious physical mutations is cause enough for persecution, usually (if not almost invariably) leading to the Shre's death. As a result, the Physical Mutations are less desirable than the discrete Mental Mutations.

Given that said aberrations exist in a significant enough percentage of the population of Urutsk so as to, over generations, have created the Humanoids of the setting, an exhaustive list of such creatures will not need to be detailed, as each region (let alone each 'incarnation' of the game found in the various playgroups upon publication) will have its unique manifestations.
--Still, there will be some canonical examples for completeness-sake, and to act as a spur for the creativity of the Referees of UWoM or whatever other system one would choose to use.

I have completed the initial list of the beneficial Mental Aberrations, and am starting upon their detailing (or possibly completing the Physical Aberrations list), today.
--My highly disrupted sleep cycle is mucking things up a bit, but I'll soldier on. ;D