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Sunday, July 24, 2011

You Fill in the Stats Micro Adventure-

You Fill in the Stats-

A misty valley of cool nights, and Lair of fell villains
unknown save their ensign: a banner of Black with Blood Red Rook 'neath a 'horned moon
On the misty moor roads-- Bandits, Striking even at noonday hour, unchallenged
Three thorps held at bay, and signs of a greater hand in all this

A dozen men some say, but none for certain 'seen more than six at a time
Cloaked and armed with better kit than the local folk can muster
Last man that tried to bring justice was found with blue foxes and gore birds covering him

A collective hoard, And one man left to guard it:
* A riddle, * a sea cave, * a powerful hag within
Then, beyond: the manticore, Ancient and powerful, The last of the high bloods
Negotiator with subterfuge, Cunningly played, he can be a lasting foe

Among the treasures:
* A green-gilt sword :: Legend Lore: A century or more ago, was held by knight with lady fair,
the knight fell in battle with a pinioned, quilled beast, and sword did rest within the cave

Amid the fortunes: five small sacks, and two more large of gold,
while platinum there are none, but copper there be plenty
and silver coins whose mint, unknown, shows the figure
of a winged thing with scorpion tail