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Thursday, March 11, 2010

[RPG] Musings on Fight Dice and 'Alternate-Alternate Combat Systems'-

'Like minds' and all that... ;)

I went to bed thinking of Brian Penn's surprise that Fight Dice didn't actually do the Fighting.
I woke up thinking that they very well could, and then:

* A Paladin in Citadel's blog
* Carl Nash's Other Blog
* Stuart Robertson's Robertson Games blog

Musing on What Fight Dice Could Actually Do-

What if Fight Dice (or Hit Dice) were instead actually rolled (akin to T&T), but with each die operating solo in comparison to another, opposed die from the opponent?

Let's start simply: 1d6 v. 1d6-

In a simple 'high-roll-wins' contest two 1FD combatants roll off:

OA: 3
OB: 5

Opponent B wins the contest and that die difference inflicts 2 DP (or HP). Ouch.

2FD Fight-

OC: 3, 4
OD: 1, 6

Opponent C wins two DP against opponent D, but D returns the favour.


2FD v. 3FD:

OE: 2, 5
OF: 3, 3, 2

Opponent F inflicts a total of three (3) DP against E, but E inflicts 2 on F.

Getting Fancy-

If in the above mismatch, what if F's unopposed 2 could be used instead to block E's two DP reprisal?