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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

[RPG] Editing and Expanding the Manuals-

I spent the better part of yesterday/night looking over the Manuals, catching errors and looking at how bleak the Referee's looks on a surface skim.

Although the Ref's Manual is going to be expanded considerably, I think a lot of the best work (crunch-wise) in it is in the descriptions/explanations of the Terrain. Running with that, I plan on leaving out a lot of needless personal exposition, and instead, stick to encapsulated data designed to be immediately useful for the Ref in the playing of the game. If folks want a lot of gaming philosophy there are plenty of blogs on the subject.

& More like these bits from 5th edition Tunnels & Trolls:

* The Logic of Magic
* Unusual Combat Situations
* Personalising Monsters
* How to Be a GM
* "Do This When You Get Out"
* More about City, World, and Dungeon Building

Beyond those, I still have the Technology rules, and the entire 'Aberrations/Magic/High-Psionics (HiPsi)' section/book yet to edit/write. --and, the handful of Arcane spells (the term will dissolve, as there are no set lists in the setting) included were included because they were devised in-play in my Alpha game.

Your feedback is much appreciated.