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Friday, April 22, 2011

Adventure Locale Series: 1

"First Coast Weather Control Division, Barracks of the"

THIS locale is intended to familiarise players of other RPGs with the workings of the URUTSK: World of Mystery setting. Classic-play Game Masters are well versed in the need and desire to customise any gaming resource to their own particular tastes and game play, so I will dispense with a lengthy admonition/disclaimer.

MAGIC as it appears in the Classic-play games D&D and T&T are not a great match with the setting, but if the PCs from your game are visiting, I think their weirdly limited though highly powerful (top-end) spells will work well enough. Native M-Us and Clerics and their 'sub-types' should instead follow this procedure:

MU/Clr Adventuring
Level: Thaumaturgist

16th |
15th |
14th |
13th |
12th |
11th |
10th |
09th | +2 HP + Fighter Con bonus thereafter
08th | 8d6
07th | 7d6
06th | 6d6
05th | 5d6 -- Spell Use gained
04th | 4d6
03th | 3d6
02th | 2d6
01th | 2d4* + Fighter Con bonus thereafter

Starting Funds: 5d4x10 gp

Advances As: Assassin

They fight as Clerics; with a single beginning weapon proficiency in one melee weapon-type (axes, blades, staves, etc.), crossbows and all other mechanical or technomantic weapons, however advanced. They are not permitted shields, and may only wear Studded Leather* or lighter armour, but may cast spells if they doff their gauntlets. The Studded Leather must be made with uncommon stones, crystals, and rare earths substituting the standard studding, tripling the suit's cost. Armoured Coats may be worn over their armour, provide an AC bonus of 1, stop 1 HP of damage per attack, and cost on average 175 gp. Thieving percentages as per Assassin of the same level, but the Adventuring Thaumaturgist receives (Dex M. + Int M. + Wis M. + Level) Automatic Successes at these Skills per Day.

Magic is at four levels lower, but uses the Cleric, Druid, Illusionist, and M-U spell lists, however, no bonus spells are gained in any case. If the spell is clerical/druidic in nature then those guidelines for Gaining Spells are required. Magic User and Illusionist spells are kept in a spell book that combines the costs of both the MU and Illusionist spellbooks. Scrolls that contain both MU and Illusionist-only spells also combine the costs to represent the special process necessary for their proper uptake in the caster's mind that day. Where one list makes a spell available earlier than the other, the AT must wait until reaching the higher level to gain/use the spell. The Adventuring Thaumaturgist is part tinker-inventor, part rake, and part spell caster, much in the way that a ranger is part fighter, part 'thief', and part spell caster. They may cast unlimited Cantrips so long as they possess Material Components.

The Material Components of spells are parts and meta-parts of their gear and gadgetry, and elemental compounds of increasing rarity and power. ATs can enchant their firearms and high-teq weaponry exactly as per the rules for magic item creation and/or spell research, with magical properties imbued to ammunition as per scribing scrolls. Enchanted ammunition's bonus To Hit figures over and above the weapon launching it, making +1 To Hit ammo fired from a +2 pistol still only worth a +1, although the ammunition's effect(s) still operate normally, in addition to any effects the weapon imparts (Rifle of Minute Accuracy +2 firing +1/+3 v. Lizardmen is +1 To Hit, but +3 if striking Lizardkin as a Called Shot). Touch spells may be cast directly upon a single piece of ammunition, and should the attack succeed, affects the target as per the spell in addition to any resultant damage.

Magic Items permitted: Any/All by Alignment

I'll be posting more as time permits