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Thursday, July 23, 2009

[Consumerism] Doing My Part!-

Recent eBay acquisitions:

* Boxed Set: Holmes + 2nd Edition B1 + Old School Pre-Inked Dice (w00t!)
* (additional) Holmes Silver Anniversary Booklet
* (additional) 2nd Edition B1
* Gamma World 1st Edition, 2nd Printing (not very good shape), with Map
* Dungeoneer's Survival Guide (Pristine) {$5!}
* Wilderness Survival Guide (Immaculate) {$5!}
* Koplow Colour-faced d6's (6-count + 1 blank die) --for R'Tshen Skirmish/Tactical game-use.

--Still waiting for:

* Dungeon Master's Guide (1st Edition earlyish printing)

Direct Purchase from Sanguine Productions Ltd.:

* Albedo Twentieth Anniversary Edition Albedo Platinum Catalyst
* Structural Integrity (a freebie for their taking a LONG time to fulfil the order, I suppose).

From the Davie, Fl. War & Pieces (brick & mortar store):

* AT-43 TACTICS: Tactical 'RPG'
* AT-43 Rules (in SO's possession)
* AT-43 Karmans Army Book (SO's chosen faction)

--Soon to pick-up:

* AT-43 UNA Wing Troopers
* AT-43 Red Bloc (cannot remember which, but 8 figures)
* AT-43 Karmans (cannot remember which, but 4 figures) for SO.

And that ought to leave me with about $10 for the rest of the month.
--> whistling softly while looking around the room <