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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pt. 2 of 2 Hill Cantons Interview link-

This is the second of two parts of the Hill Cantons Interview Series he conducted with me.

In reply to this comment by DaveL:

1). The Group or Community has the potential to grow into the hundreds, thousands, or more, and the Player(s) controlling that Community are making the decisions as to what to work or build, whom to attack, where to explore, what to research, what where and with whom to trade, and how to react to unexpected events, including changes in the constituency of one's population/Workforce. These choices are not drawn from a finite list (but for one-off play it could be), but noted in a record, along with Yield, Waste, and Mishap notes. Areas initially settled may prove inhospitable or filled with foes, and even if the first spot now provides enough to sustain one's burgeoning population, it will not provide enough by itself in a short while, or in case of natural disaster, or to trade/lend to others. etc.

2). The entire game of the Boxed Set is playable as a Solo gaming experience, and one that can continue unabated -- provided one's fortunes abide. All the Community-building, hexploration, stocking of sites of interest, etc., can be Solo gamed, and if the process is honest, these solo realms could also be Campaign realms that interact on a once a fortnight face-to-face game, or in some fashion via the www, or snail mail.