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Sunday, July 12, 2009

[RPG] Comments, Feedback, and The Like-

I would like to use this post as the initial Comments and Feedback 'thread', as it were. Please don't be shy, but please be civil.

Fellow Moorcock Miscellanist, groakes, has made a convincing argument that I ought to use more of the mechanisms I had devised in a previous, d6-version of the game, namely those that more fully integrate the Elemental Bloods; that the EBs are what is essentially unique to the setting and system, and that it would be a shame not to bring it to fruition. With that would come a restructuring of both books, and the possibility of including a third book, the Setting Manual.

I will let the full changes marinade in my mind for the upcoming week. I've allowed myself that as time off for good behaviour, before setting to work on any further enhancements (while still making certain that as much of it as possible facilitates use of the material with established Classic-Play systems such as the 0th and 1st Editions and their Clones and Simulacra, which was my reason for not publishing the game using the Constructive Die Pool system).

So, have at it. :D

This Hurts My Soul A Little Bit-

Jamie Chambers announces that James Ward's Metamorphosis Alpha's next edition will be de'end'ee4e-based.

The Mutantity, oh the Mutantity!