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Saturday, February 17, 2024

We Move Within Her
(c) 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis  All Rights Reserved


We keep playing tag
it seems
When can we meet?
Sort this all out?
Are you ready for
Seems like it's taken
17 Months
30 Years
I propose a toast
The Longest Ever
Together Yet Never

Your eyes still
Smoulder I long
to caress those
Whisper unsung
lyrics hot in your
ears, Dear

Shall I hire Uber
Driver to ride
round your town
Meet at a cafe
notch our fears
Still not clear which exit
to take, here

Sweetness, I did answer
Long Months Ago
Then October
Never got to read it to you
We came so close though
Two now gone past
Third one, this time
Together?  Bitte.

Did my music notes
ring out of tune?
Its Twilight slumbers
in you induce?
That orbital interaction
Subtly abstruse in
Hot eclipse action ; p

Every day is like madness
Saint G. Libby malefaction
If I knew that toughness
had to endure this protraction
I'd had done it just the same
'til insane :: (your voice in refrain)

Help me out here, Lady!
Why aren't we at the same
Share a Netflix subscription
Fold laundry to Audible text

Like mic said,
'Tear it out 'n bleed it all over
-- the stage?'
Is this still just an  early page
In a holy passion play?
Don't lift me up,
make me upstage
Oy veh!

Ich liebe dich,
Meine süßer Vogel


(c) 2024 Kyrrin S. Eis  All Rights Reserved Worldswide