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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This Should Be An Interesting Game-

Game Title : The Death of Tlangéshan
Game System : Empire of the Petal Throne
Number of Players : 4-8
Pregens/Level of Characters: characters provided, Levels 6-7
World Setting: Tékumel

Short Description: Tlangéshan the Utmost is a magic-user of unsurpassed knowledge, power, and greed. To keep his demons at bay, tribute and sacrifice are sent from Chame'el in the south, from Urmish in the north, and even from the great city Jakálla, to Tlangéshan's basalt citadel on Thayuri Isle. No mortal dares to move against Tlangéshan for fear of his sorcery; even the great god Sárku watches him with jealous respect, or so it is whispered. But in the deepest scrying vault beneath the Temple of Keténgku the Many-Eyed, furtive auguries hint that Tlangéshan's death may be at hand. To confirm their suspicions, the priests need eye witnesses. They need you to breach Tlangéshan's citadel, find his body, and guarantee that he is dead.

Run by: Steve Winter