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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

C'nor (O_T): Here's Your Request-


Certain abilities are of such a delicate nature that
even the slightest awkwardness may cause the
enterprise to fail, and the results of that failure may
be greater than even unsuccessfully turning-aside a
sword blow or shielding oneself from a well-aimed
In these circumstances, such as disarming a device
(trap, sensor, or engine, etc.), or attempting to
abscond with an object while under observation (or
steal past a sentinel into an open doorway, etc.),
certain specific skills are required lest the character
attempt a mere Attribute Test at a fixed Target
Number and without recourse to elaborate 'padding'
the odds through such as citing the background noise
decreasing the sentinel's chance of discovering the
trespass, etc.
While Focus may be applied to many situations in
general, it is suggested that if the Percentile Abilities
are retained, the Referee not allow the use of Focus
for such actions, or at most, permit but a single +1 to
the Attribute Test in question -- and this using all of
the Focus Pool during the undertaking.

Possessors of Percentile Abilities add their value to
a Percentile (d100) roll, and hope to achieve a result of 100 or better.
Success is often elusive, but
complete failure need not be the immediate
outcome. Instead, continuing our example of the
sneak who wishes to enter a guarded fortress, the
character may be able to Hide behind nearby cover
(if any), and avoid direct detection should his
creeping be less than perfect. All of this is the realm
of the Referee, based upon their knowledge of all
immediate factors, as well as their forbearance.
In fact, it is suggested that the listed percentages
represent the utmost critical circumstance (such as
direct observation, aware trackers, or the cruellest of
locks, etc.), and that as much as 2x to 5x the value
be secretly added to the player's d100 roll if the
circumstances are more conducive to the attempt.
Again, this is the provenance of the Referee, and is
certainly not to be counted upon.

To purchase each Technical Ability costs [300]
points, this includes Stealth Attack as its own ability
although it does not 'Level'.

[The # following the entry is its per % cost in XP]

Technical Ability- per %
* Technical ‘A’ (Remove Traps) 17
* Technical ‘B’ (Open Locks) 14
* Technical ‘C’ (Pick Pockets) 12
* Scaling 09
* Secret 06
* Silence 14
* Listen 17
* Design 14
* Draft 04
* Repair 12
* Tech Lore 14
* Assay 12
* Concoct 17
* Formulate 14
* Heal 08
* Research 16
* Carouse 05
* Animal Power 17
* Calm/Befriend Animals 08
* Track 10
* Control Undead 16
* Repel Undead 12
* Psychic Tracking 15
* Magical Research 14
* Hack Spell 16

Special Abilities-
* Forage Feast 300
* Death Strike 178
* Disguise / Acting 178
* Poison Use 178
* Shadowing 178
* Waylay 178