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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Vrun, & Other Stuff


o Haven't looked into Hittite, yet.  I think I'll wait until I simply cannot get something done with Vrun as is, and then look to add only what it needs.

o It already proves to be truly Particulate, permitting math functions to be performed upon the Phonemes to create new, sub and super-structural words/phrases which still cleave to the parent sample.  This is apart from their numerical values -- not even in view for this discussion.  Very much like the Abrakadabra formula.  I don't know what to call this function which arose: stripping the Conditionals (vowels+) out, leaving the Noumenals (Consonants+), and it retained meaning and similitude to the origin text, and yet, stated something new which seemed obviously necessary after seeing it.

Other Stuff-

o I have been watching a lot of Dr. Sledge's ESOTERICA channel on YouTube; more than a few Old School D&D references in his videos.

o I have found several new-to-me female singer/songwriters, among them: Emilie & Ogden, Morgan Wade, Lera Lynn, and this one which doesn't seem to be indicative of her other work, which looks too weird for me: Fever Ray:

o I have a little hobby exploration planned: braising four old US coins into as many bezels and connecting them to ribbon-pins of medals.  One coin each is the Walking Liberty, and the other, Standing Liberty.