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Monday, November 15, 2010

Generic Offering: Dice + Points Ability Score Generation

This is fairly generic and could be used with any six Ability Score, 3d6-based RPG:

Alternate Point-Buy Ability Score Method-

1). The player has 45 points to distribute amongst the six Abilities, with no less than 03 points placed into each, and no more than 11 points into any one Ability.

2). Roll 6d6. Each Ability Score can only receive one whole die, as rolled.

3). Choose the character's Elemental Blood and apply the listed modifiers.

4). Choose Ethnicity and write down listed special features (Vrun, for example, receive +03 to all Ability Scores), and determine the character's appearance based upon the guidelines described.

4 [the second]). Roll 5d6. Choose three (3) of the rolled 5d6 to be totalled and multiplied by the sum of the remaining 2d6 (6-216 with the average being 111). This is the character's Starting Funds in generic 'Count'. All starting gear, armour and arms must come from this total (or pooled with others in the party).

5). Name your character and then inform the Referee that you are ready.