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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 4th Game (TL/DR Friendly)- :: Osyl Molen

Osyl Molen, favoured of Lady Arctise, trekked off with her squad of androids into the foothills, looking for the party responsible for the abduction and slaying of a GYS maintainable worker by what appeared to be Kentar and Satrine. Meeting a hunting party (vegetarians hunting predators) on grav sleds, Osyl was diplomatic in her introduction and was permitted to travel with them. This led to a community where Kentar, Satrine, and Humans of various ethnicities lived peacefully on a meadowland plain. Osyl partook of their ample hospitality and then was seen off on her voyage to locate the Throne of Frost. Along the way, she was accosted by two mountain-goat Satrine who were acting as her guides. She was forewarned via her frost blade shortsword and defeated one with a sneak attack that literally eviscerated her foe's heart. The second one had been shown to be reluctant, and put up little fight. Osyl was generous and let him live to guide her to the ancient site atop the lesser peak. She and her guide became better acquainted. Hold.

TL/DR: She did stuff in the mountains with animal people.