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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Return to the Planet of the Mind Masters-

I know it has been a long time since my last post here.
I'm just busy finishing up the Encounter Critical edition of Urutsk: World of Mystery.

My Sunday game has former Humanosphere (and a couple of Western Isles Haelbean) crew mates running around in space at or beyond the edge of the former galaxy.

Since their dismissal (Captain had warned two ships crews that it would be illegal, but morally right action, and it was only the fact that she has/is an Imperial Bloodline that she wasn't executed in a court marshal, and by marrying her fellow rogue captain, saved his life as well), the PCs have been puttering around inside the Supersystem (5 stars, super planets, and lots of moons) keeping up the mischief which has defined their careers (and why the captain loves them so).

Lately they have been stealing ships, helping overthrow governments, and training a new generation of psychics and warlocks.

The Numeneurians are a matriarchal species of psychics, and had been part of the anti-insectoid war effort along with other alien species as well as Imperial descendants stranded on a giant desert world for over 6k standard years.  In tonight's game, the Numeneurians waited for the opportunity to take over a world of hostile psychics, and through the PC's actions, lucked upon the decisive feature which allowed the oppressive government fall to the long-suffering rebel factions.  The Humanosphere's hopes for a friendlier disposition of the world has now been lost, and any hope of introducing the world into the HSphere will likely be decades away.