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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Working on the Railroad ;)

After a brief discussion about how things had been undertaken, the group sorted out its intent, and we moved on with play.

Reaching the Black Crown settlement of TshelUundam, a mining town with a high percentage of Yaesh, the PCs ascended in their armoured dirigibles and got the whole town/city talking. They quickly were met by a Yaesh engineer working on a dam project. He offered great things in exchange for one of the flying 'stubbies', but the party held off, hoping to clarify the situation.

To that end, the consulted the local university Alchemy dept., and were surprised to hear the diagnostic information regarding the two small spheres of polar lightning energy. Based on the loose readings the staff conducted under the informal setting of the dept. office, the estimated output of the Black Sphere is off the charts; highly dangerous; and highly unlikely to have been created recently.

Ssu Rosenbrad received 30 Alchemy textbooks, more than a lifetime's learning on the subject, and Roland Peltier purchased early education books for his daughter, as well as a dragon marionette.

Play will pick up (this is a Thursday session, I think) determining whether a deal with the Yaeshani Court for the Stubbie is worth it. Also, the Black Crown scientists are eager to travel to Xudorn with the PCs to set to work on creating a White Sphere to counter the Black, now residing somewhere on the Shadow plane.