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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Sequins Alight v1

Instrumental Reprise


Ooh, this looks cool. too.

I just learned of him today.
I love his work.
He and Beardsley and Clarke are among my most favourite illustrative style.

Among contemporary artists, I see similar linework and characterisation in Donna Barr, P. Craig Russell,  and, Charles Vess.

Those Nielsen pieces for Bald Mountain also look so much like 1:1 inspiration for my fave, Erol Otus, and in a similar vein, Peter Mullen.  Russ Nicholson existed somewhere between these two worlds of thin lines.

Klimt seems to have been an outgrowth of that earlier Beardsleyan-Clarkean work, with more of an Impressionist hand on the fleshly parts exposed beneath the splendour of the opulent clothing and golden mantles.

How do I also love Singer-Sargent and Hopper?  My self portrait explains how.

Babe, if you step outside, firstly: don't lock yourself out; but also, don't stay out on the porch too long; the stars will fall from their places in adoration -- and we can't have that; -- plus, I'd be so jealous.  :D

Love you, Marissa,

Love you Babe,

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(c) 2024 Kyinn S. Eis  All Rights Reserved