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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

New AnchorFM Podcast Up & Current Writing Task

>>>  LINK <<<

[] Currently working on: Figure's birth Horoscope, with named Major and Minor influences, and Seasonal impacts.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

One Year On: 1st Anniversary of Mom's Death & New AnchorFM Sunday Game Log Twofer



Mom was the heart of our family.
May the Memory of her Name be a Blessing.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Update: new AnchorFM podcast & other stuff

LINK to the new twofer AnchorFM podcast reading of my Sunday Game Log.

So, miscreants in my immediate apartment neighbourhood have given me my third flat tyre in two months.  A game designer was generous enough to bless me with funds to purchase a pair of replacements, but the size is uncommon, and need to be ordered: expected around the 3rd of December.  I'm driving 45 minutes to work on a 'donut' spare and a leaking tyre since last Sunday.

Episodes 3 and especially 4 of Amazon's Wheel of Time series have been very enjoyable.  I really don't like Rand (or is it his actor I dislike?), but the Moiraine <sp?> and Lan Mondragon pair have my attention -- really reminds me of C.J. Cherryh's Morgaine and her bondsman, Nhi Vanye i Chya,but 'standing on the shoulders of giants', and all that...

I'm writing lots of various .txt files for, AULDGORY, but also for separate publication, including my Legacy of the Ancients, where 1st World Age organisations are detailed.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Links to a couple of my Pinterest galleries

 Auldgory Pinterest LINK


That Would Be Telling...

 New AnchorFM podcast is up here.

---[Currently writing these .txt files]---

o Special Material Properties

o Encounters and Travel by Terrain Type

o Spare Parts (and by extension and together with other .txt, Crafting rules)

o Expanded and clarified Success Task Number Rolling

o An adventure more likely to serve MYTHs or URUTSK than Auldgory, but, we shall sea, er, see...

Friday, October 22, 2021

After Some Confusion; New Anchor Podcast is Up

 Seems I used the wrong credentials to log-in to Anchor.FM, and wound up creating a new account which, strangely, didn't have my recordings listed.  Ah--Dur.

Anywho, back on track... LINK


o In other news, I am writing up 100 Auldgoryan plants as part of the Foraging & Requisites section of the game.

o Barbarian and Outlier Characters  section is in second pass.

o Mutations and Wastelanders and Economy of the Empire and other interconnected bits (which tie-in with Foraging & Requisites).


What does one do when one keeps getting thoughts regarding an estranged friend being deathly ill?  Last time I saw him, he and his pal didn't seem keen on speaking with me, but that was back in 2012 or so...

Bayou Bushmaster TalisMan, if you are still around and kickin', drop me a line here.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Two Week Makeup Kiss: Anchor Podcast Up

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Sunday Log 06 Anchor Podcast: Raised Up and Sundered-

 Anchor 6ZYX6 Podcast LINKY

Lt. Ioq, as a Faithful agent of the national goddess, is the target not only of the Hillfolk Rebels, but their  inhuman, weapon-supplying, space-patron.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Hillside Fracas Sunday Log 05 Anchor Podcast


More of the Auldgory setting IP is coming into focus in this episode.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Podcast: Logs 3 & 4

 AnchorFM Podcast Link

This one is roughly twice as long as the others, at 9 minutes and change.

The party and witch allies move through the underground civilisation and encounter difficulties; a change of venue follows.

The weapons the Lt., Sgt., and Cpl. are using are magic items.  Where shots are indicated, they are detachable charges, some of the weapons are capable of hot-shotting their rounds by doubling or trebling the charges consumed.

The combat system results in wounds which tend to daze, stun, and KO, however the blood loss will often prove fatal to the injured; magic healing automatically staunches blood loss unless otherwise stated or the injury is intentionally counter-healing.  Outright death, however, is likely in the major hit locations.

Spell-like powers are common in the national service, part of the initiation and regimentation, but outside, magic is constructed and while taught in a formulaic fashion, is capable of being expanded, remixed, etc. by those with the skill and power.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

[Urutsk Lore] The Post Modern World is the Death of the Mythic Power

 On the Marnharnnan continent (new world) of Urutsk, the 31 clan swords were shattered and one shard from each was then reforged into a new sword, symbolising the unity of the Resth Clan Confederacy.

It was hated by almost all the clans, even generations later, and upon the fall of the RCC by an unknown party's biochemical attack on its major population centres, the sword's whereabouts became lost to the mutational and drug-raged chaos which followed.

A group of PCs have it in their possession, and were hoping that it and other 'artefacts of power' could be used to stave off a looming alien invasion, but were told that that sort of thing is only true in childish fantasies.  Their whereabouts are unknown.

The sword's name is, Kaldusth, or, 'Artifice Perpetrated and Accepted by the People'.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Weekly Anchor Podcast Link: Entry 02

This one combines a skipped entry and the fresh one at the time of writing, after the session.

The witch who was savaged by the alien cave dog was healed by the Lt. and in the process of the national goddess' power flowing into her, the witch involuntarily gained a Faith point in said goddess, much to her upset and consternation.

The chasm was vastly deep, rather humid, with droplets of water, like horizontal rain, flowing by in the cyclopean darkness under Wind City.  Only the combination of the Lt.'s movement magics and Capow's Mountaineering specialist training got them across and up the other side.

The fight took place, as I say, in a cubicle farm office space which was just another of the subducted portions of the ancient surface world through which the band travelled.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

News: 6ZYX6 Anchor Podcast

 I'm finally doing something to get my creatives out to you folks.

I have started the 6ZYX6 podcast on Anchor.

This series, the Sunday Log, follow a Lt. Ioq, part of a military intelligence taskforce trying to trace the origin of military arms being smuggled to the Lashan Hillfolk Rebels.  This is a 6th World Age setting, after Porphyry: World of The Burn, and before, Urutsk: Worlds of Mystery.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Eve of Eviction? & Other Stuff

[please excuse any typos]

 OK, so, I am no longer doing parts delivery, left that for a one-week stint working at a gun and pawn store for one dollar more an hour, then after moving to a new, more affordable apartment, I finally landed a fast food job which I held for two or three weeks until the boss slashed my hours in half to make way for new, young, under-paid employees available to work the store's expanded late-night drive-through orders.  I secured additional employment, and then lost the fast-food job when he was unwilling to allow me to work the additional job's shift.  Then I ran into a snag with the new one where it took a day or two longer to get my security clearance and now I am waiting for the end of onboarding to start -- and now the opening of the business looks to be pushed back a week.  I have no savings left, received donations to remain in the black with my bank, keep my auto insurance for June, and be able to read my gmail due to the 1200% over-limit on basic storage that I needed to correct by both eliminating years of not deleting as well as signing-up (again) for additional Google storage.  Now, with July rent looming, car insurance, internet, google, and other sundry monthly charges due the first half of the month, I have only half of my rent money coming in from my local sister, and possibly the rest coming from my last fast-food paycheck.  With about $65.67 coming from my daily trips to the not-yet open new job, I'm ... fracked.

End of August, my primary colour artist for my next RPG will no longer be under NDA, and will almost certainly use the work to advertise his commissions biz, I, of course, had planned to have it out by then, but I'm pretty sure it will be less than polished by then, but I'm committed to release it if I still have access to the web, and my external hard-drive doesn't quit due to homeless moisture in the second of four Florida Rainy Seasons.  Oh, my car is having issues after spending about 1 grand on fixes, so being a mobile homeless is less likely, too.

So, trying times here, folks.  Much thanks to those who already helped out.  If you have anything to contribute to a pay-it-forward cause, my PayPal address is: kynkrea [dot] ays [at] gmail [dot] com.

My other RPG thing is a Traveller Homage and that is actually much more complete, but not in regards to layout.  I'm currently writing fiction for it to flesh out the setting and provide authorial tonality to the various factions/species.

Paul Baldowski's, The Dee Sanction, is super cool; you should by it.

I really enjoyed Season 2's 1st Episode of Motherland: Fort Salem.

Heroes & Icons ( Digital Antenna TV station plays Westerns in the morning, and all of the Star Trek series starting at 8PM Eastern (STOS, STNG, DS9, VGR, Enterprise) Sunday through Friday.
I've never before seen, Have Gun Will Travel, and I like it, but it is weird, and, Rawhide, is growing on me, too.

OK, hope you folks are doing well.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

So, ah, what about those plans?

 Well, let me tell you...

After 6 to 8 hours at least 5 days a week, sometimes with no lunch break, I find that I barely have the energy to write a comment on Social Media, let alone move forward with my creatives.

The worst part is that I'm not earning a living wage, and my savings are dwindling steadily.

I'd like believe that if I could simply devote myself to creatives, I could generate enough revenue stream activity to sustain myself, but I'm not in that position at present.

My Patreon is unlaunched, as I have nothing to offer on a regular basis, due to the above reasons.  Likewise, haven't started a YouTube show, and haven't revisited WorldAnvil in a couple of weeks.

Auldgory, that's the RPG after Porphyry, but before Urutsk, is 50ish percent finished, and I'm still paying for artwork.  I took time waiting for my delivery manifest this morning to write a few items which need at least cursory details; it is a good bunch of factions and creatures worth the time and effort.

I'm on OTC diuretics, wearing compression socks, and now researching how to treat my TelaDoc-determined ailment with OTC antihistamines.  I think the pollen is rather literally killing me.

The viewing tonight is planned to be, Dredd, on EPIX Now.  I love that movie, Urban kills it, and Anderson is so well portrayed, as well.

Okies, wish me well and all that.


Sunday, January 17, 2021

Short but Sweet

 I've been gathering resources to pull the METACOSMOS together.

World Anvil, a Patreon, coming back here to breathe life into TGT, and, a YouTube channel.

Ok, here goes nuthin'!