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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

News: 6ZYX6 Anchor Podcast

 I'm finally doing something to get my creatives out to you folks.

I have started the 6ZYX6 podcast on Anchor.

This series, the Sunday Log, follow a Lt. Ioq, part of a military intelligence taskforce trying to trace the origin of military arms being smuggled to the Lashan Hillfolk Rebels.  This is a 6th World Age setting, after Porphyry: World of The Burn, and before, Urutsk: Worlds of Mystery.


  1. Interesting (and weird…as per usual) stuff.

    So is 6th World Age a different system from Urutsk, in addition to being a different setting? Are you planning on releasing books / reference material detailing the differences between these various ages? Have you “retired” Urutsk at this point?

    Just questions of the curious.

    1. OK, second go at this.
      Each 'game' has a different attribute range, and task resolution method, but the same Attributes and Abilities ('skills').

      No, Urutsk is not retired, simply awaiting my rollout of Auldgory and my Traveller homage. These build the setting foundation for Urutsk, which others had commented they couldn't grok.

      Although Porphyry: World of The Burn was written for 5e T&T/MSPE, Auldgory will inter/access it and move forward with the new, ARGUS2 (Alternate Reality Games' Universal System).