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Sunday, April 7, 2024

Hello, Love,

I'm just getting ready for a week of looking for a job; and I'm moving this Thursday.
I thought to sweeten your day with a little note and a peck on the cheek.

:: nose rubs ::


Here's Risette:

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Another one from today's video shopping list...

Pen and Ink

I really like this guy's videos; makes me love this continent more.  You may want to subscribe to learn more about foraging foods; remember my other long-term food storage video?

Even if we don't end-up together, I hope that you live a long, healthy life, and survive the danger of the Red/Green Wave which is coming upon this nation of ours.

Love you, Darling,

Hi, Love,

I was doing my day's worth of shopping around for YouTube videos, and I stumbled upon this one.
I frequently watch videos at a higher playback speed, to fit more of them in, and to be honest, to speed through the largely boring parts of unnecessary repetition, unnecessary repetition ;).
So, I'm not sure if you know about the playback controls, but if you hover over the video, a set of icons appear.  One is a gear-shaped doohicky, and if you select it with the mouse, you will see, among other choices, Playback Speed.  If you select that, then try listening to this video at 1.25x.  I find it still likeably listenable and it really changes the sense of the music's intent -- I like it in this more up-beat tempo, and find that other jazz-lounge music at this speed is more pleasant to my ears.  May seem strange, I know...

I've been in two car-wrecking collisions as a driver, and in both, I could see the hood crumple-up like tinfoil; I can also see a pistol bullet leave a rifle barrel downrange, and other phenomena which place me in a fraction of the population when it comes to speed-processing and to a lesser degree (unfortunately) reaction-speed.  Don't know why I'm telling you all this, but I thought you may find it interesting to know more about me while we are apart.

Love you, Sweetheart,