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Saturday, March 2, 2024

[Music] LC

Lover, Lover, Lover
Leonard Cohen

[Lyrics] Bride of Set

(c) 2023 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Subtlety an art lost to me
appreciated but hard to free
loosed from deep inside of me
words meaning more than seem

Craftwork no not fabrication
patient with no deliberation
ardent with no prevarication
words unblurred no obfuscation

Can you hear the meaning spoken
not a dropped kerchief as a token
sunset one while another awoken
golden chords of melody unbroken

Autumnal flame on every tree
Winter came and now flees
Spring and shower turning green
Summer cinder fields of me


Sesame Street Clip set to Vivaldi

Always makes me think of rain, and equate rain with love.

[Koan] Music Theory

of vision
the ears

Most of the lyrics I have written can't be shared.
They are for our eyes only, Love

[Lyrics] Bride of Set

(c) 2023 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Down where shore meets sky
on bended knee to drink
in reflection spied me
her eye reflecting, sees.

Overshoulder she spins round
tossing tresses coloured brown
half-expecting nothing found
-- monolithic being astound.

I offer her a cup to drink
she takes it from me gingerly
dips beneath the water's flow
and drank its cool nice and slow.

Wordlessly we gaze a while
that chance ******************
and notch eleven on her dial.


Oft at night I return
wet my finger in the lake
to cool that sim'ring burn
-- no mere memory can slake.

I trace my hand ************,
feel the sting of summer nights,
-- and shone like stars in truth
the amber lights of fireflies.

For in the boughs a paper nest;
unlike bees ****************
majestic creature some call pest
Queen Wasp' *****************.

************ is holding fast
Willow witch, it's my noble birth
********, we want endure
********* woman of highest worth.


; p

[Lyrics] Bride of Set

The Price of Admission
(C) 2023 Kyrinn S. Eis  All Rights Reserved Worldwide

At 13 the cutest thing, we
both wandered, in Other-searching
light as air, she, from town to town
While I endured the waiting game

Then I had found her in '16
Sang of colours dark, unseen
Her face of rarest beauty
Her voice of sultry-soothing
Her wall-art of hidden-meaning
Had only grown more alluring
Shapely, britches-filling
that smile, her eyes & tresses
Compelled me to further knowing

Years passed by, my ears were nursing
Rusalka, my heart was drowning
Then 60 days of yearning
Fireworks to Autumn's turning
Her Eyes! Her Eyes!, smoulder-burning
Magnetic, animals circling
Ankle shown, bent, eyes confirming

Then in framed screen was now learning
Writing words in chords now forming
Almost saw her again in person
Heartful, smitten, bruised in waiting
Dream unveiled & our meeting
home, then, over the water, I
Learned to pray the Rose City way
She is the more: I'd found my mate

[Lyrics] Bride of Set

(c) 2022 Kyrinn S. Eis, All Rights Reserved Worldwide

In which --I, was with my master
Key ways and vault doors
--Opening to me
A house --almost familiar

In this dream, --Schlager,
(to whom I was apprenticed)
and I, drove to our friend's

She let us in, and we were so
pleased --again to see her
and we again met her family
and --toured the interior

Now alone I wandered to
a room, indigo with golden
suns and moons, and I lay
there upon a bed in the

When I noticed then, that
I was not alone, she stood
at the foot, and I sat up,
and said, "You must be --"

And you, --said to me,
"Someone you've never met."--
So sweet this innocent, a girl
of perhaps but --thirteen

My soul had been pierced,
lanced through, and it would
be another 28 years, until
Our meeting -would -come true

I saw her in a dream, and she
fortified me for my battle
with a pale reflection, Lilith
-- to a Twisted sort of Adam

Then in -twenty -sixteen, I
thought again -I -saw -her,
Singing of, All the Colors
of the Dark, it was then that I
Realised that-dream was You


 o If not mystical, then they must be Bene Gesserim, who guide bloodlines and curve times, around strange attractors; projecting down timelines surely a quantum matter...

 o I lived on a manmade lake, the town a sort of spiral; and it was as if she and I lived on a diagonal, crosswise in time, and yet our path it slowly straightened...

 o Another life: a holding pattern until the night that that -we -did meet.

[Music] Camper Van Beethoven

Key Lime Pie

[Poem] Beloved


The ebb tide
is not drawn
to the calls
of starfish
nor of oysters
clutching their


(c) 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved