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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Back-off, Man
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Thursday, after working my 8-hour shift, I got home and went to bed, slept perhaps 2 hours and then rose to start my day.  I worked 17 hours and was a bit fried by it and am now on my weekend-mend.  Chinese food today, and possibly wings tomorrow.

All the snow has been rain-melt and no snow in forecast.

Paid February's rent to my landlady in Armenia; the upstairs refrigerator is set too high, and perhaps her other long-term renter, keeps bringing it up to food-unsafe temperatures -- I've had food spoil in it; which is a bummer.

When I wasn't looking, someone shook my carbonated water drink at the weekly lunch, and my Supervisor was the only one to say anything, and that was, 'don't mean to laugh at you, but these sorts of things keep seeming to happen to you' -- the other things being stepping barefoot on a bee and still going to my second day of training only to fall and break my nose that same day.  Hilarious; real empathy bank, she.

He's in the section I'm writing today:

Okay, Love, I'll talk to you later,

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Market Crew
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I figure these folks work both sides of the equation: stall-keeps and pick-pockets (the two in the rear), and who doesn't like a cute animal trick, right?  Set up as the Constable of the otherwise unregulated trade area, the armoured guy is loosely 'in charge' but I think the blue tabard woman is at least his partner in responsibility if not the brains of the operation -- silent partner sort of thing.  So, who is the short white-haired gal's deal?

Tell us in comments.