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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[Gaming] Qadardalikoi & Pre-TSR EPT !

My friend, Jeff Berry, (co-)author of the Qadardalikoi Tekumel wargame rules set, sent me a copy of those rules, and a printed scan of mimeographed, pre-TSR Empire.

Jeff also painted a paler version of my N'luss character; her 'sister' appears in his game.
--I hope to have scans and photos to post next day or three.

[Beyond beaming,] all I can say to folks who suggest that Old School was 'simple' or 'rules-light', clearly were kept in very small (and strange) circles.
--Details on true settings make the play more tangible, and the game-reality more concrete and 'alive.' Tekumel, Glorantha, and (the Silver-, or Bronze-age) Jorune, being those that leap readily to mind.

...more cowbell!

[RPG] Competing with Space Opera... ;) -

I've been looking for sections of the revamped CharGen to post here, but all the 'sexy' parts are formatted in such a way as to be mangled by blogger's column width.
--I'll see about posting a .pdf

So far everything on the character sheet is accounted for, apart from actual combat/weapons rules, and the Aberrations.
--Those still reside in their own sections (completed or unfinished).

Here are a few excerpts:


These tables are used to provide depth of character which integrates directly with the game system so that the Character Control Record is essentially all the information a Player needs.

Should another method of more rapidly preparing a character be to your liking, merely roll up the Ability Scores as above, and roll for starting Count for purchases in the Amour, Arms & Gear section, and the PC is ready to go. If this method is chosen, all charactrs must be generated in this manner. Likewise, bits and pieces that appeal to the Referee and gaming group may be retained or excepted.

If play is desired immediately, existing characters for most versions of The World's Most Popular Roleplaying Game, from editions O to X, as well as many other 3d6-scaled RPGs of the earlier age of gaming are highly compatible with UWoM, 'right out of the box'. I would be delighted to hear that some hybridisation has taken place in your local games, as that spirit of inventiveness and creativity is the one in which the entire milieu and RPG have been fashioned.

(Choose or Roll 1d10)

6+ - Female
2-5 - Male
1 - Special

=---= Special-
(Choose or Roll 1d10)

04+ - Male, as above
03 - Female: Bxhr 'Amazon' +2 Ability Points, 1-Point Regeneration
02 - Male: Avemn 'Highblood' +3 Ability Points
01 - Other - see

=---= Other-
(Choose or Roll 1d10)

03+ - Odd = Male, Even = Female, as standard, above
02 - Neuter
01 - Hermaphrodite

(Choose or roll 2d6)

11+: 16 Years
10 : 18
09 : 20
08 : 22
07 : 23 Years
06 : 21
05 : 19
04 : 17
03-: 15 Years

+01 Year per Primary Field, and +01 Year per two full Secondary Fields.

(Choose or Roll 2d12)

24-22 - Durn: +16 - Frame mod.: -02 - Scholars & Scientists
21-20 - Khem: +03 - Frame mod.: -01 - Carousers & Card-readers
19-17 - Western Isles Vrun: +08 - Frame mod.: +02 - Empire-Bringers
16-15 - Yirinn: +0 - Frame mod.: +0 - Warrior-Bards
14-12 - Vrun: +10 - Frame mod.: +01 - Dominators & Innovators
11-09 - Dokirin: +06 - Frame mod.: -01 - Farmers, Nomads, & Nations
08-05 - Yaesh: 3d6+06 - Frame mod.: +0 - Chaotic Cogs in an Empire Machine
02-04 - Khark: 1d4+19 - Frame mod.: -03 - Nihilists & Shaman