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Monday, March 28, 2011

Micro Campaign Design Tables-

Roll d20 for the tables below, unless otherwise directed:

TABLE I: The General Place-

20-12 - A Trippy Place (Tesseract, Rubik's Cube, Giant Ball of Lint in intergalactic space, etc.)
11-10 - A multitude of advanced subterranean complexes with occasional 'bolt-holes' leading out into the mysterious unknown.
09-01 - A world, possibly a planet, possibly a Realm (trapezoid with edges one can sail off, etc.)


20-12 - Vibrant, rich, full of unimaginable diversity of life forms
11-10 - As varied as Earth's heyday of megafauna (Irish Deer, Giant Sloths, Mamoths, etc.)
09-01 - Sparsely populated, or with very little diversity (Axebeaks, Cacti, Joshua Trees, Orcs, and Firenewts, for example)

TABLE III: Distant Past-

20-12 - The Gods Made The World Yesterday, and the Races, Today; Hello!
11-10 - The Ancients Destroyed Themselves in a One Day War, at least 1,000 years ago
09-01 - The past is an uncountable long chain of disasters and empires of super-science and sorcery

TABLE IV: Middlin' Past-

20-12 - A Dark Lord held Sway throughout the Land until Slain by a Hero
11-10 - Petty kingdoms battled for 2d6+3 centuries, plagues killed 1d4-5ths of the population, trade mushroomed afterwards
09-01 - Savage Warlords vie for semi-nomadic fiefdoms from 3d6 centuries ago until now; skip TABLE V, goto VI

TABLE V: Recently-

20-12 - Lesser Minions of a/the Dark Lord are gaining strength and numbers in the (1. North, 2. East, 3. South, 4. West)
11-10 - Trade disputes are currently (1-3.) heading towards war, or (4-6.) just now ending
09-01 - Monstrous armies erupt from the wilds and surge against Humanity

TABLE VI: Number of Big Players-

20-12 - 1d3, each with hundreds of thousands or millions of troops
11-10 - 1d6+2, each with tens or hundreds of thousands of troops, and great navies or war machines
09-01 - 2d12 Tribes, 1d4 Races, and Demonic Noble Houses at war with each other, using the Races as mercenaries

TABLE VII: Newest Stuff-

20-12 - Great Alchemical Wonders (magical war machines, wish magics, etc.)
11-10 - Stainless Steel and Steam Engines
09-01 - Iron and Silk

d20 Combat Advantage Critical Table-

For the D&Ders:

When a PC generates a Critical Hit (by whatever means one does in your game), (have the Player) roll on the following table:

20-11 Double Maximum Damage, Gain a Free Strike, and a Free Move
10-01 +1d4 Damage, and Gain a Free Move

If the DM desires, perhaps modify the d20 roll by Fighting Man Level and/or Hit Dice.