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Friday, January 15, 2010

[Playtest Campaign] 8th, January-

With the DropBox testing confirming a success, I hope to tidy-up a few files and share them with you and the rest of the Interwebs. Thanks! :D

I've got the game today (to the best of my knowledge), and wanted to provide a brief catch-up on last session:

* The party returns to the first island they visited (the one with the Dryvv Shadowship/city underground), where piratical types are checking out their ship, but not doing much more than provoking their crew. Holes through the sails and other light harassing by the PCs before they and their very shallow draught ship set sail out of the Flooded Plain, back into deeper waters.

* A-ha! Except, there are pirates in the shallows, just at the bottleneck, and some combat was involved. Telekinetic weapons are far superior to cannon, BTW. ;) Minimal sinking involved, maximal show of superior force, as well as using the sensors on the Sphere to determine which of the ships was the pirates' cargo/treasure vessel (the one out in open waters, dontchaknow?), and a threatened sinking of that craft was met with compliance in allowing the party's damaged (torched and shot-up) sailing ship to escape to open waters.

* Maurvys Island was the party's switch-point where they had traded their middle-draught ship for the shallows ship. Rumours that all the ships and guns in port had been snatched up by what appeared to be a pirate attack fleet a week earlier (the party have been away from Doran now for about 3 weeks). Tyb purchased about twelve one-pounder deck guns, hired another ship of fighting sailors, and then met an out of work, decommissioned WICE tallship and her restless crew. The captain of 200 Royal Marines recognised Tyb and his countrywoman, Ashta, as the governors of Doran, and determined an equitable price for his ship's services in the defence of Doran, their former port city.

* Nearing the island, the PCs spot over 200 ships surrounding Doran, with the port in flames, and cannon upon the hill (where the noble houses are located) firing down into the warehouse district. An undersea battle with an unknown, tentacled mammal (like a tentacled narwhal) threatens the sphere, and it is dragged down by the creature until it is finally repelled. A ship is sunk once it is determined that within its hold are thousands of containers of ammunition or fuel (the PMH pellets described in the Weapons/Armour articles), with plans to scavenge it after the enemy is repelled.

* Street fighting. Orphanage set ablaze. The sphere is a tremendous psychological weapon against the pirates. Fighting in the hills. Two-headed dog hunter/killer sweep teams sent out by the noble houses. The Magical Tea Time group Tyb is part of has a redoubt protected by a big shield-type spell. Underground entrance to the Ahzinbakh noble house. Tesseract redoubt in the Escher-like labyrinth complete with robot guards.

So, that's where we begin today.

I hope your gaming goes well this weekend.


Testing DropBox: Please test this link...thx-

Hi F/folks,

I've decided to give DropBox a try and have loaded a copy of the newer (but still out of step) PC Control Sheet.pdf.
--Do you mind (trying) downloading it? I certainly hope it works. Building Character: Market Daze will be easiest to read in .pdf format, and I want this to work for you OS types who have given so freely of your time and effort (labours of love aside).