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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Google+ Urutsk Community is Up + Play-by-Post

Google+ has unveiled their Communities feature, which like Groups on other social media/fora, allows like minded folks a more permanent site to post their interactions.  To inaugurate the Urutsk: World of Mystery Community, I have begun a Play-by-Post game in the Latter Autumn era.  It is an exploration of a site in the Chaos Isles during a period of Cybergenics, Psionics, Empowered individuals, Mecha, and Near Space endeavours.

CYBERGENICS: The often intertwined undertaking of cell-editing eugenics, and cybernetic augmentation.

EMPOWERED: The governmental term for super-powered individuals whose capabilities appear to vary widely from historic categories of Imperial Psionic disciplines.

MECHA: Animorphic Power Frame Vehicles and Battlesuits; think Appleseed, Black Magic M66, Bubblegum Crisis, Ghost in the Shell.

NEAR SPACE: Orbital Elevators, Lagrange Point Stations, Lunar (Companion) Colony, and Red Planet (Aqmlk) colonisation.  The Western Isles Concordance (WIC), and Vrun Continental Authority (VCA) are the only real NS forces, although Aqmlk has been colonised in waves and is largely a mix of Old West mentality and Outlands technology.  C1 on Companion is the main moonbase and staging ground for sodium cultivation for NS travel.

We are still looking for a few additional PCs to investigate the deep jungle wilds of the Chaos Isles where a IR/Thermal 'hot spot' appears from orbital scans, but no Visible Spectrum source can be seen.  The phenomenon is believed to emanate from underground, and the Drivers' Isles Charter (DIC) is more than interested to determine if this poses the long island chain a treat.  A team of able bodied and singular persons are assembled to investigate and bring back what data/samples they can.

PbP CharGen Doc Link: