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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Sweet Fruit :: new AnchorFM Auldgory Game Log


Writing: Orders and Factions

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

My reply to Vince the Evil DM's Question about OP PC Fatigue-fixes

 Vince's Video

Divide up each PCs XP total into pairs of numbers and read them as Humanoid (or Animal, or Plant) Mutations on the Gamma World table of choice and explain that the world has entered a State of Mutability of unknown duration. These mutations are affecting everything in their world and new monsters and powerful enemies are on the move.

Everything now has base CONd6 Hit Points, and Class Based HPs are just a kicker which are consumed first, except when struck with a Critical Effect which wither the CONd6 HP. These meat points are much slower to heal, 01 Point per Week of Bed Rest +/- Con Modifier; yes it is possible to get worse, not better.

Any Class Features are frozen at present Level, as Level no longer affects development, but only applies to Reknown and Allegiance Status. Use the GW version of Development rules (1e is pretty random, 2e on is less so).

Use every creature you had before, but add the CONd6 HP, and give them 2 or 3 Mental AND Physical Mutations. Add in the GW creatures you like, hell, add in the ones you hate and place a bounty on them.

I guarantee that the combination of Magic, Mutations, and High Tech will revitalise the game for everyone.

(no emotions or complaints) New AnchorFM Game Log: Captain's Knight 2B & ARGUS/Auldgory Update

 New AnchorFM Game Log reading >>> LINK <<<


o I'm trying to bring the travel, foraging, herbalism, hunting, crafting, carousing rules together in their respective and corresponding portions and make it feel whole.

o Trying to limit my Ability descriptions to Encounter:Critical spare genius, but largely just presenting possibilities as the template for GM rulings.

o Novel dice mechanism (to the best of my knowledge) where two different dice are rolled in addition to the Resolution dice, and the player decides whether to add one or both of these special dice.  Each of the two require something of the PC equal to the number they generate; multiple dice may be invoked by the player with the GM's approval.

o Thinking of adopting a newer and smarter Weapon Profile, but not yet certain.

o Armour received a specific change which easily adapts to an Ascending AC if folks prefer, but in ARGUS2 results in Endurance and Stun damage to the wearer on a failed pen. -- Being battered wears one down.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Click the link to hear the adventure log, stay to wallow in my miseries.


I was out from work last week with the flux, and now I am awaiting my C19 negative result in order to satisfy my boss' demand although I herd that others have been allowed to come and go without.

I must be near a grand in the red with my bank, and last week's paycheck was diverted so that I could pay rent.  The rental office has stated that my Pizza job's income is too high for the gov't programme which subsidises the place/my rent price and that I should be prepared to move in April.

Yes, the very job which is too little hours to survive on is too much income for one person, as the Poverty Line is now a measily 13.xk annual, and 17.6 for a couple.  What?!  After the so-and-sos C19'd the world economy, the poverty line is 13k?!

I'm waiting to call back on a bus driver position, or any of the other applications which seem to take at least one, if not two weeks to reply, when they bother.

So, ...what the fuck am I supposed to do?
My car needs an oil change, but no one seems trustworthy enough to do that without fucking me over; once that car goes I'm essentially a bag lady with a fussy-eater cat.

Sunday, March 6, 2022