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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

AULDGORY: Starry Empire as Republic -- online game notes

 Consolidating the functioning of the Republic within the Starry Empire; here's a snippet I found today:

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Starry Empire with Lybrti as Empress

President as 1st Prince

Former 1st Princes become Dukes


A Knight is a Citizen-Soldier

John: To clarify, and to make certain that you don't try and override me: Your character has been serving in the Banner Ranks for nearly 07 years, since your assignment as Squire.  During this time, your character has matriculated through the ranks and is poised now, at he end of 7 years, of attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant (SSG). Your character is currently serving as a Sergeant (SGT).  Your 1 remaining standard Blessing point could be used for a full promotion out of Enlisted to the rank of Second Lieutenant.

Matt's character, although slightly younger, is also a SGT, in the same situation, largely due to the character's social background influence

So, to catch you [Matt] up.  Your parent, the Baronet/te employed multiple Knights, and one of them owned the manor on which John's character grew-up.  You had bumped into each other at holidays, but only started 'hanging out' in the military.

You are both at a Sergeant rank, and have been assigned to a military interdiction task force dedicated to stopping the flow of stolen military arms to the Solar rebels in the heartland, as well as the odd shipment bound to the Lashan Hillfolk rebels.

Your home region is heavily forested with old-growth indigenous trees as well as a smattering of alien life forms (flora and fauna) which find the conditions pleasant.  It is backed in the NW with mountains, to the east with mostly fresh water, and the rest which isn't forest are grassy plains.  This region used to be Michigan's Peninsula before lake Michigan was cancelled by the mountains.

Your Company is Leander's Leucrota, and the Company Mascot Cult is the Leucrota ritual.  You all partook of a Leucrota's brain after it had been feed a criminal from the area of operations for which your Company is responsible.  You now have the memories of the criminal, as well as the Leucrota's prior victims, such as perfect recall of bird songs, and the words uttered by its victims immediately before their ambush-deaths.

John's training has him specialised in Bugging, remote surveillance technology and repair.

We need to go through the process to determine your PC's capabilities.

OK, that's it for this week/