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Monday, December 20, 2010

ADnD-friendly Urutsk Holiday Offering: Ytidu -- The Mutated Pine Moose-

YTIDU (Mutated Pine Moose)-

Hit Dice: 5d8+35 (55)
Attacks: Antlers (1), Hoof (2), or Bite (1), or Kick (1)
Damage: 2d4+4BP, 1d6+3B, 1d4+3EP, 4d6+4B
Armour Class: 06
Special: Pine Resin Attack, Deafening Bellow
Move: 36”
Size: Large

Terrain: Cold to Temperate-Cool Wetlands
Frequency: Rare in Marsh and Riverine, Very Rare Elsewhere
#: 1d4 (3)
Lair: 01%
--Loot: Random

Intelligence: Sentient (06-09)
Alignment: CN (Unpredictable but Amiable)
Psionics: Yes
--Abilities/Modes: Any
Lvl/X.P. Value: 13 / 4,690

The origins of this creature are mysterious, and attributed by the Dokirin tribes-folk that know of the Ytidu to a series of ominous events. For many years it was thought to be a unique creature, but after decades of sightings, it has been determined that these mobile plants are capable of reproduction through normal plant means, but aided by the mobility and utility of limbs and antlers. In any situation where the Pine Moose is cornered or facing capture, it will first use its Deafening Bellow which affects all within a 20' Radius as a Curse (deafness) spell of Caster Level 9. If the offence persists, the Ytidu will spray its 45' long cone of Pine Resin which forces a Save v. Breath Weapon or suffer the effects of a modified Cloudkill spell (with deep and persisting unconsciousness instead of death) at a Caster Level of 9.
While the Ytidu is arguably less intelligent than the average Human, their curiosity, apparent fearlessness, and tenacity lend an air of regalness and nobility. Greedily hunted by merchants ready to ship their decorated carcasses south to Marnharnnan Vrun settlements, their numbers have thinned in the Inland Seas most populated areas. Conversely, along with the Bramble Hart, the Ytidu are revered and lovingly doted upon by many Western Isles Vrun and Yirinn, and the origins of the decoration of the creatures is derived from Yirinn/Wodic traditions long ago established in mainstream culture. The Pine Moose is treated to fertiliser-infused sweet drink, and the people surround it in dancing circles as songs are sung and festivities are had by all. Northern Druids, some Yirinn Bards, and many Rangers know of the secret for procuring sweet resin from the live Ytidu for the manufacture of a potent Imperial Stout drunk hot on cold nights, and known for its hallucinatory effects.