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Sunday, August 2, 2009

[Playtest Campaign] "Undead, undead, undead..."-

After Wojo, Vyshwanythan, and Kitty the Black Bear stayed on the 1st level of the Undercity, the iris valves sealed off the Lift Shaft as the klaxon blared. They quickly set about the task of devising a way of opening the LS, and in the process, determined that easily half of the assembled support crew (as well as Wo' and Vish') were not Human in a genetic sense. One of the Men-at-Arms, Byllys the grizzled veteran, managed to assure the Security AI that the threat was dealt with, and opened the Shaft again. The lot of them tried the psychic AI interface and easily half found that they were 'funny', in that sense.

Meanwhile, the bumbling foo-- the Adventurers determined that if a non-Human were closely accompanied by a Human, the automated defences wouldn't fire. They entered the Bainsidhe room, and fought her to death. Her demise sounded like dishes shattering and glass being ground underfoot. They hoisted Tybalt's body (smoke or mist wafting from his mouth and nostrils) and Dee-dee'd out of the kill-zone without opening the other door. Report that the LS irises had re-opened, and the M-a-A's and the other two (three) party members had descended to meet them.
On the way down and back up, some other sort of undead was seen behind the shimmering blue force field, pounding on it to get at them. Once back up, the irises were sealed.

The plan to map out the rest of Level One was initiated with troops, carpenters building hides to block-off corridors, and other reasonable measures met with good result, slaying most of the undead Screaming Wom carriers (wax in the ear provided a +4 to the Control Critical Test), but even the wax-in-the-ear trick didn't work for a few of the party and they instead fled to the inn across the way from the surface entrance (formerly named bum alley for the dead vagrants found therein) now blocked off with hasty construction, and the establishment 'procured' by the Kherstic Academy as a supply centre and field hospital. With 'whisky' in their systems, as well as the wax, they were able to secure themselves enough to enter the 'dungeon' again.

The Wargs had been commanding some of the Screaming Worm undead to help them batter-down the door to the kennel, but that had been stopped, although the Warg are still in there, ready to fling themselves into the fray.

Now in the third barracks, the party, M-a-A's, and those poor High Risk Armed Security dupes ;) encountered a trio of Lich-like creatures --magick using-- who proptly killed 13 personnel with some sort of plasma weapon ('electric-acid stream') and forced a Resolve test, which was largely failed except for Byllys and a few others. More NPC deaths as the two lesser undead of the trio (diadem, and wand each) were controlled by the greater of the three (crown, hate-filled scrying sphere, and full staff) marched up the stairs toward the party, while the M-a-A's hid in a side passage and waited for a reasonable opportunity to attack the rear front.
Another plasma-stream lashed out, after which melee was enjoined and one of the minors was engaged by Darius, CiCi, Ashta, and Delver; Wojo 'mind-blasted' the major, and they saw the damage was instead transferred to the two minors. Deafening and Blinding attacks knocked out most of the party's ability to fight. ~~~ The two minors were dropped, and finally the combination of the remaining forces, and two of the M-a-A's were permanently blinded as the major undead disappeared in an indigo flash that left the scorched stones of the passage carven with deep sigils.

We held it there while the SO and I went to play AT-43; her Karmans beating my Red Blocs when my UNA 'allies' were taken out by her and her 'ally' Theians.
--Dang, but that system is super-fast and plenty of fun.

During the game the LGS owner took me and a fellow Classic-Play player (Wojo/Vish') to task for our lack of concern/interest in minis 'back in the day', and offered to run (tool us in) an AD&D game sometime soon. Joy. > eye-roll <

So, what did you game this weekend?